A swing set glider swing” on chains to replace a swing so the kid can pump it independently

“A swing set glider swing” on chains to replace a swing so the kid can pump it independently. Have your kids had any success with using this swing independently (w/o you having to push because their pumping is not causing enough motion)? The glider comes in a single or double version (at the addresses below).

Thanks for any comments or tip toward getting it to work independently.


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Have your received some recommendation that this type of swing is easier for a small child to pump than a standard swing? I have a 3 year old nephew – and it looks much harder, possibly impossible, for that swing to be pumped independently.

Unless there’s something I’m not getting about the “glider-style” swing depicted, there’s no way for the child to lean back, which is a necessary element of pumping the swing. the motion doesn’t come from the legs, it comes from leveraging the weight through the hips, first forward, then back. Kids also have to learn the rhythm/timing to swing on their own.

The gliders are OK, but the motion is the same as using a swing. I have found swings easier to move than gliders. You often need a push to get the glider going. Maybe I am not understanding the problem. When I was a kid we had a glider held up by parallel bars, with seats facing each other on opposite sides of the bars. The bars had handles and foot rests welded on, so you could apply torque to those as well as leaning. We always had a blast on it. It looked like this but had a t-bar handle for each seat.

Thanks for the replies!
Arrendajo’s example is what I have always known worked with good response. In our price range or options we d/n see the traditional, even as an option on our 500.00 swing. BUT! We found plenty glider swings on chains. I c/n see the mechanics that would produce positive movement from pumping the arms and legs. With that in mind I asked our kids to find one local for a trial or a return policy w/o a loss if d/n work. Without finding one setup, they purchased it thinking the grand could get it going. It is not working and they have waited too long IMO to return (6 wks).

I saw the add-on advertised as making the Glider Swing easier to pump. I am hoping to get someone to verify it will or share other ideas that will help. I personally feel the Add-On Glider Brackets might help by spreading the chains at the top (more at the address below + I saw A Traditional I’ll look closer at). I also feel adding PVC pipe over the chain might help.


In the example of the pics provided by the Op, the two kids sit back to back, facing away from each other. It’s not difficult for the kids to get it going. Even a single kid can get these things going. Not hard at all.

Thanks Omar! Can you or anyone provide a link to a video or provide a short video of a kid getting the single glider going w/o help? What are we missing? We thought we saw a little practice would solve the matter. It has not, plus the project started in winter weather not leaving much afternoon time or days to practice (which allowed it to stay too long). The active is needed to help our Grand burn off energy to get a late afternoon nap (to help her to remain calm).

Tips, Comments and Help are Appreciated Very Much.






Thanks Omar! These links looked and sounds encouraging w/o trying the glider bracket (that’s to make it work easier). I am almost convinced that practice is what’s needed. She turned 4 in Jan, and I hope this is not asking too much. Plus, I’ll try and find a kid her age close by that can pump the glider as a demonstration to her.