A Tale of Two Friends....

As a person of few friends (Because I could be a real jerk at times), I tend to treasure them ~ but somehow life deems it fit to give me those two strange friends.

Friend A is a cheeky rascal who will never fail to embrass me in front of others, or raise up humiliating incidents about me over and over again, all the time talking in an annoying, cocky voice that really tempts me to strangle him. In front of my classmates and others he would never fail to put a few stabs at me, in one way or other. Strangely, alone with him, he is a most considerate person and rarely put me down.

Friend B is another cheeky rascal. We joked a lot together and talk about common interests animatedly. That is, when in front of other friends or people that he known. When we are alone together, he is the most cold, disaffectionated, apathetic person I have ever known. He would treat me as if I am invisible - the moment someone else we know pop by, he will be all animated and we three (or four) will be laughing and joking.

IYHO, who is the better friend? Why are they acting that way? What can I do about them?

Your friends are just that LostCause, a lost cause.

I too have a friend like exhibit A. Dude’s all about talkin’ shit in front of everyone else. But when alone, we get along very well, talk about anything in life, and generally have a good time. Also, I’ve noticed friend A feels perfectly ok talkin’ shit to me in front of everyone, but on the rare occasion I do it to him, he takes it really hard. It’s like one of my jokes = 20 of his. Do you get that too?

You think you have lousy friends…i have a friend who-i recently discovered- is trying to prise my girlfriend away from me. Needless to say, i have a raging desire to punch him, i cant stabd him these days.