A tedious, trivial query with regards to Slate and Livefyre and Okta and who knows what else.

>Reading a blog on Slate.com one often gets a link to comments.
>Comments say powered by Livefyre.com.
>Comments thus posted have options to “like” or “reply”.
>If one has set up the Slant Personal Profile to do so, likes and replies are reported back via email.
>In the email there is a link to go back to the like or reply on Livefyre. This sometimes works.
>But, sometimes clicking the link to go to the like or reply takes one to a sign-in screen at Slate.Okta.com
>I can proceed no further. I can get no more information. Slate does not share much information about such things.
>Have you any idea what this Okta screen means or why the impasse.?

I’m seeing *Okta *on alternate days. Could this sort of thing be malware?

I’ll bump this to see if the weekday cow has any thoughts.

Okta seems like a legit identity verification company covered by the likes of Forbes, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal, so I’d rule out malware.

On a hunch I’d say that Slate is using them as some kind of back end authenticator and that sometimes either your browser loads the page incorrectly or their server glitches, and you get directed to Slate’s presence on Okta’s site instead of the right place.