A Teemings spotting (Scylla)

On the dealMmac message board (A mostly Macintosh computer related board) is a thread about the blimp episode.

Apparently the assimilation has begun.

Resitance is futile. :dubious:

Resistance is futile. :dubious:

It’s really weird, isn’t it? The blimp thing has like more views than all of Esprix’s ATGG threads put together. My mailbox on Yahoo is overfilled. I got like 200+ emails about this thing from people telling me how much they like it. If you go to google and put in “horror of blimps” there’s links to it all over the internet.

I’m very happy and pleased, but I’m kind of taken aback that it’s turned into some kind of minor phenomenom on the net.

If I’d have known it was gonna be that popular, I probably would have proofread the thing.

It’s a brilliant story. I’m not suprised it’s making the rounds on the net. I am just waiting to see it changed, and plagerized, and twisted into some religious rant, then mauled even further into a chain letter about a little boy with cancer, then twisted beyond beleif into a political hot topic.

Ahhhh. The world wide web.

I got a “you gotta see this” note yesterday, re: HoB, on a mailing list to which I subscribe. NurseCarmen is right. I give it a month before it starts showing up with a preface of

And then, the point of ultimate triumph: its own Snopes entry.

Go Scylla.

It’s spreading throughout the weblogs right now.

A friend of mine who doesn’t Dope and doesn’t know I do sent it to me. I thought it was very funny.

I too had this forwarded to me. And I had been away from the board for quite a while. I kept looking at the name Scylla…hmm… Scylllllaaaa… sounded so familiar.

Then I connected it to my most favoritest post I’ve ever read ever ever ever on any board anywhere - Scylla’s dog story.

Scylla, you’ve certainly got a magical gift for storytelling. I think it is far past time for you to be earning your recognition outside of the SDMB :slight_smile:

I was thinking of doing a glurge version of it and sending it to everyone I know. You won’t mind, willya, Scylla? (oh! A rhyme!)

“And then my daughter opened the closet door and the blimp floated out. Her face brightened as she looked at me and said ‘See! JESUS put the blimp in the closet!’”