Scylla is #1 among breastfeeding moms!

I was browsing the message boards at when I saw a thread title saying “Warning!!! Put your coffee down before reading!” Always one for a good laugh I opened it up and there was Scylla’s blimp story. It’s apparently beeing sent through e-mail. I suspect Snopes will be contacting Scylla any day! It didn’t have a name so I linked it back to the OP. Here is a link to the thread at the breastfeeding site. By the way Scylla, It was just as funny the 10th time I read it as it was the first.;f=16;t=008463

-My cup runneth over.
-Don’t you think we’ve milked this thing long enough?

-I thought it was just on this website that people were cold but I see it’s a tit nipple over there as well.

-At least they didn’t say it bites

For some reason this thread still shows as 0 posts in spite of my previous post. That’s odd.

Thanks for starting this thread Ascrivey. Believe it or not, I get about an email a day about the blimp thread. I used to get 3-4. It’s kind of interesting to check google and see how widely it’s disseminated.

I started off being kind of frustrated about how often it was copied without permission.

I even got emails from people who copied it into literature they were disseminating or web sites they were putting it into bragging about it. I don’t think it occurs to them that they’re violating a copyright.

Frankly, I’ve decided not to post the things I write that might be good enough for dissemination any more in order to protect the copyright against the possibility of future publication (an idea I’m toying with. (I am planning an exception to this. Long ago I started Ewe’s Sluts as a popular serial thread and I hope to post the complete novella as a thank you to everybody that’s encouraged me for my 10,000 post.)

I was also mildly peeved at first that I didn’t make threadspotting with it, but the fact of the matter is I think I’ve had more than my share of that.

So now, I try to cultivate a feeling of happiness and wonder at how far the blimp story goes. One guy in the UK who read the story in the blimp magazine it was published in (yes there really is a blimp magazine,) went to the trouble to email me and offered my family in me a free ride in his blimp if I ever get to England!

I feel pretty happy about the whole thing, overrall.

ooh, sweet deal Scylla. i remember reading the blimp story on here a couple months before joining the doper community. damn, i really wish i had sued you for the replacement cost of that beer-damaged keyboard… :smiley:

Scylla That was beautiful! Thank you.

I have to tell you that since I first found this board you’ve been one of my favorites. I just love your style.

Thanks for the laugh.