A Terminator Questions

Okay, so Terminator was on yesterday night and I was watching it. When Reese is being grilled by the psychologist, the doctor asks him why he didn’t bring any “ray guns” or something with him.

Reese says it’s because you can’t take anything with you. You go naked, only living organisms can go, something do with the field.

Soooooooooo, how did the Terminator come through? He was naked, has living tissue around him, but he is totally mechanical inside. What’s up?

Yeah, he’s got all biological material surrounding him, so he could go. If this field didn’t let anything non-organic go through, even internally, then Reese would have shown up naked AND missing all his gold fillings. Don’t ask me why he didn’t just shove a ray gun up his ass before his journey and smuggle it through that way… would have made the movie less interesting I suppose(except when it came to retreiving the gun:D!!). What I’d like to know is how the T-1000 got through being completely liquid-metal… and why he was naked too even though the clothes he appeared to wear later were formed from his own “body”. I seem to remember a list floating around a few years ago of all the mistakes in T-2, like the mysterious 3rd hand flying the helicopter and Arnies ‘there one scene, gone the next’ cigar burn. If anyone can find that list, it’ll probably show a whole bunch of nit-picking things like these.

I have an answer for the T-1000 third arm…

Since T-1000 is poly-mimetic (Can mimic anything) he can simply grow another set of arms…for the joystick and the
collective…while the first set of arms loads a fresh clip in the submachine gun.

In one of the Terminator comic books, Skynet grabs some poor human and surgically implants a gun in his abdominal cavity. They send him back in time with a Terminator, which promptly kills him and retrieves the gun when they arrive.

I’m just a soldier, I don’t know tech stuff!

If you can’t think up an answer, talk your way out of it. That’s what Michael Chriton(sp?) did in Jurassic Park.

As neat, if needlessly cruel, as that is, I always wondered why they didn’t make little meat balls and stick guns/whatever in 'em. I mean, they’re obviously (I think) growing the meat for the T-100s somewhere, right? If they can mold it to a metal skel, why not just make a big blob of it and stick weapons in there?

The explanation I read about the T-1000 is that the future history for T2 was altered by the events in T1; in other words, the time machine in T2 was slightly different, as were the terminators. The T-1000 fit through a loophole.

What I want to know is, why did the T-1000 look like the police officer before he killed him?

Not really on topic, but I find this amusing: Robert Patrick’s nickname on the set of X-Files is LMG, for “Liquid Metal Guy.”

Terminator - 28 mistakes
Terminator 2 - 93 mistakes

(Numabers are according to the website - I don’t necessarily agree with all of them.)

umm… he didn’t? The police officer was a little overweight, with a little babyfat, and looked nothing like the naked T-1000.

Oh…okay (it’s been a while since I’d seen it). Well then, why did the T-1000 look like anyone and not just his simple luquid metal self?

probably so they could explain why he traveled through time, though i thought i would be better if he hijacked inside a living creature, like a dog, and oozed his way out and killed the cop. but i didn’t write it…

Obviously the T1000 would want to look as normal as possible upon arrival in our present in the interest of blending in. Even a naked guy stands out less than an animated metal mannequin.

A better question is why the T1000 didn’t comeback in a clothed form, assuming that something about the mimetic polyalloy inherently allows it to time travel as readily as living tissue. Possibly some finer level of mimicry is required to time travel, but I think the simplest solution is simply that naked human form is the way in which the T1000 was “parked” at Skynet headquarters. There was little time to choose an alternative disguise, so the T1000 was sent back “as is” and picked a disguise soon after arriving and getting its bearings. Perhaps it also wasn’t fully programmed at the time it was sent back, and didn’t know any alternative forms until it “learned” them through observation.

Wow! I can’t believe I put “A Terminator QuestionS”. I saw 13 responses to this and figured 12 of them were there to make fun.

It thought the idea of the T1000 was that he could change into anything that had the same mass as him. What I don’t get is, do they mean to tell us that every person he turned into was the exact same mass as him? Even the fat guy getting coffee at the machine?

I juse assumed that when he turned into a fat guy (or whatever) that he had a big “hole” in his middle or something. He was covered by clothes, so you couldn’t tell.

I don’t have to go to one of those mistake sites to mention one of them. After Ahnold has his arm ripped off in the big gears, he gets up, and if you look low and right, you can clearly see his real arm, all wrapped in black. He didn’t manage to keep it tucked behind his back. I have fun imagining the expressions and language that occurred in the editing room when that was discovered.

BRW, if you see the Special Edition some time, with the documentary and the extra footage, you find that Patrick’s ideas bout the T-1000 charcter was that it could sense the function of machines by touching them. It sort of stands to reason I guess that he had to touch people to assume their identity, although being part of the floor for the loony-bin guard to walk on in his rubber-soled shoes hardly counts, IMO. Oh well, it’s only a movie. Why are all you losers devoting all this time to this stuff?

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