A test thread

I just saw another thread where the OP edited their post to say they’d made a typo in the thread title and asked a mod to change it. Pretty sure there’s a way to fix that; just checkin’.
Yep. Just hit the Edit button, then Go Advanced, and you can edit your title as well as the post itself. More people should know about this!

Except that, wait, it *didn’*t work!
The title chaged within the post, but not when viewed from the board’s home page. Hmmmm.

Never mind.

Paradox-You can change the title to say it doesn’t work…but only if it does. :smiley:

You probably didn’t edit the real title, just the bold-faced title that shows up at the top of your post, below your name & rank.

And serial number?

That’s just for charter members.

Where are the questions? Is it multiple choice or essay?

New here. can we use cartoons / short stories or jokes. Just the “Nice Ones” ?

There are general posting rules listed in About This Message Board, and each of the forums has its own style as to what’s allowed. If you’re looking to post jokes, stories, or (links to) cartoons, that’ll probably be either Cafe Society or MPSIMS. If you’re asking people for “what’s your favorite (joke/story/cartoon)”, that’s probably In My Humble Opinion.

Just testing whether I have finally grasped multi-quote. :smiley: