A Thought on Love... and a Thank You

I was sitting here at work and thinking a little, and this is what came up. It sounded pretty good, so I thought I’d share…

Have you ever fallen in love? Everyone says that falling in love is the best feeling in the world, and after the fact, when you’re firmly IN love, I guess that is the case. But actually falling… that’s probably the scariest thing in the world. Especially when there’s uncertainty about the object of your affection. You start thinking about the person that you love so much that you start to wonder if you’re becoming obsessed. You go out of your way to see this person, to the point that you fear you are becoming a stalker. Your heart speeds up when you think about this person, and you think that maybe you’re dying of a heart attack. You often wonder “How does this person feel about me?” and “Am I reading the signs right?” You’re afraid to let your feelings be known, and afraid to keep them inside. You feel jumbled and mixed up and the best thing you can compare it to is a dream in which you’re falling… the feeling that you have when you wake up and you can’t breath and your heart is in your throat and you are trying to calm yourself down, but it doesn’t really work.

But then, when you cross over that threshold - the one from falling in love to being in love - there’s nothing that can compare to it. You feel warm and tingly and happy inside. You smile when you think about your special someone, get a rush when your phone rings and you know it’s them. You feel like you can take on the world, because YOU have this special feeling. And no one, no matter how hard they try, can take this away from you. You and the one that you love can accomplish anything you put your mind to. They build up your weaknesses and enhance your strengths, and you know that you do the same for them. When they wrap their arms around you, you feel safe. When they tell you that everything is going to be ok, you know it will be. When they laugh, you can’t stop yourself from doing the same. When they cry, you wish you could take their tears away. And, with the right person, you know that you don’t have to stop being who you are, or what you are, just for this person to love you. Because they know everything - the good, the bad, the faults and the strengths - and it doesn’t matter to them. They want you just as you are. And that is the best feeling of all.

Thank you, all, for helping build me toward feeling like I am lovable and that, one day, I may find exactly what I write about here. For many, many years, I didn’t think it would be possible, but having friends to do some of what is described above, individually and as a group, has made me realize that love is possible for anyone. I hope you all find exactly what you’re looking for, and live a lifetime of happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day.

That was beautiful, TruePisces. Thank you. It sums up almost perfectly the way I felt about my man when I was falling in love with him, and the way I feel about him now. I remember sneaking into his office exactly two years ago to hide a Valentine’s card (handpainted by me) under his computer keyboard. I thought I’d gone bloody mad.

So true, and very beautiful. Thank you Pisces.

Happy Valentine’s Day :slight_smile:


{{{{{{{{{{{Biiiiggggg Huuugggg miss Pisces}}}}}}}
It was so ahhhhhhhh…

Except it made me miss my boy who can’t be here today and instead he’s far, far away.

But he’ll be back and maybe then I’ll know it’s ok to tell him that he makes paper airplanes fly out of my head and little explosions fire off in my wake.

Um…thanks. You’re the bestest.