A thread about trying not to lose weight.

I really appreciate that for some people on these boards losing weight is incredibly difficult. To do that requires incredible self-control and perseverance and I admire all of you who are fighting that fight. Really.
I’m just having a little whinge, so forgive me.

My problem is that when I am stressed, I have no appetite. I normally eat 2 meals a day, but if I’m under stress I could suddenly realise at 10pm that I haven’t eaten all day, and feel full after a couple of oatcakes. I realise this is not healthy, but when I’m like this just looking at food makes me feel full up.

I’m getting married in 6 weeks, needless to say, much stress. So much so that last week the dressmaker had to take almost an inch off the dress. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE.

What makes it worse is that irishfella is trying to lose a few pounds before the big day, so I’m making lots of healthy salads and stuff…but by the time I’ve finished making dinner, I no longer have any appetite for the food, and it’s hardly fair to him for me to eat crappy fat-laden food just to get calories.

I used to have serious issues with food: big bingey-purgey stuff. For that reason I don’t own a set of weighing scales and I have trained myself not to eat unless I’m hungry, and then to stop when I’m full. To me, trying to eat now, when I’m not hungry, is too much like bingeing on stuff when I was already full…so forcing myself to eat is not a solution.

I have 6 weeks to ensure that I neither lose nor gain a pound. This will be hard.

When a friend of mine was getting married, she went through something similar. The situations aren’t quite parallel – she hadn’t had to struggle with weight in the past, but she was allergic to gluten, so eating was a chore to begin with. She kept dropping inches from fitting to fitting until her dress maker took her friends firmly in hand and assigned us to make sure she ate. We plied her with homemade milkshakes and suchlike goodies, and managed to keep her from losing any more.

I’d say get thee to an apothecary or nearest super food conveyance and purchase some Ensure or similar nutrition supplements with a high calorie count. Lot’s of calories and high in vits & mins but low in volume. Drink it with your salads and Irish Fella won’t feel left out.

I would also suggest that when you do eat, eat something high in calories. Try to keep healthy (ie, still stay away from empty calories), but use oils like olive oil more often than you normally would. Eat full-fat yogurts, which are just as small as regular ones but have more calories. I’ll also second drinking Ensure, those are often given to people being treated with eating disorders because they are high in calories but, as QuickSilver said, low in volume so it doesn’t feel like you’re ingesting much.

I was dieting to gain last year, and I think the Ensure is a good idea too. However, it wasn’t enough on it’s own. The pounds didn’t begin to stick until I made a concentrated effort, born of desperation, to eat foods I normally wouldn’t. I had to use butter whether I wanted any or not, that sort of thing. Good luck with your wedding; I’m reading wedding-related threads with interest right now, since I have to go through the ordeal next year! :slight_smile: