Why am I not hungry?

Ok, Lately I have been having a hard time remembering to eat. I know this sounds strange but I just am not getting hungry. There will be days where it becomes five o’clock and I am getting headachy, someone will ask me what I have had to eat that day, and only then will I realize that the coffee this morning was it.

Today, for instance, I haven’t had anything all day, and, yet. I am not even a little hungry. Now, I am gonna force myself to eat something, becasue I am about to go work out and I know if I don’t eat something I will regret it but I am really not hungry at all.

Even If I do become hungry, famished, feeling like I must get food, now or I will pass out, I will only eat maybe half of a sandwich, the deli kind, and will be completely full to the point where I can’t eat anymore. Now, for the record, I am 5’2 and 115 pounds. I am not overweight but I am definately not wasting away or anything, and I am not losing weight, that I am aware of. I haven’t always been like this either. Only the past year or so after I lost about twenty pounds. Is it possible for stomachs to shrink? It sounds strange, but it’s all I can think of.

So, any ideas?

Has anything like this every happened to anyone else? If so was there a reason?
How did you end up solving the problem?

This happens to me every once in a while. For a week or even a couple weeks I’ll eat practically nothing…then slowly my appetite goes back to normal.

I’m sure there’s some sort of reason, but I’ve never figured it out.

Are you depressed, by any chance? If so, that might be causing your change in appetite.

Well, I get that way sometimes. Usually, it’s due to a combination of stress and being in a slightly manic state. Unless you’re bipolar, I wouldn’t worry about that. But - could be just stress?

I have often gotten so busy that I’ll forget to eat. If I was to get hungry, I’d get so hungry that I’d just “get over” it.

I don’t think it’s so rare. People think I’m crazy when I say “I forgot to eat” but really I did. And I’m sure you’ll get alot more replies like mine.

The only way to get over it was for me to go on a diet (I am one of those fat people who rarely ever ate but when I did eat it was the wrong stuff - so sux to you ‘stop stuffing your face, fat people!’ preachers) which stressed how important it was to eat every six hours or whatever. Having to make my own food all the time helped, too. I found the more I could rely on grab-and-go snacks the LESS I ate!

So this is IMHO. Sorry :frowning:

Umm…see a doctor to be safe?

For the record I forgot to eat too when I was a little manic. Didn’t do me any harm (the not eating part). But it was forgetting. I didn’t feel full and I didn’t have to force myself to eat either.

During my last severe manic episode, I didn’t eat for almost a month. I doubt the OP is Bipolar though.

Can I have your problem for a month or two? :slight_smile:

If Kkrose’s problem is anything like mine was, you might be surprised at how little weight can be affected by not eating. Believe me, I would dearly love to have shed a few pounds during those times, but it didn’t happen.

It is possible it’s stress. I do have a lot going on with school and work and what not Last winter I had a problem with acid reflux due to stress, where I literally couldn’t keep food down. But this isn’t like that at all, I am just not hungry, if I eat, it stays down.

As far as i know I am not depressed and I am not bipolar. Like I said before I haven’t been losing weight or anything. When I had the acid reflux I lost about twenty pounds, I just wish I didn’t have to throw up all the time to do it, could’ve skipped that part. Could this possibly be related to that. I don’t have nausea or heartburn or anything, but it might be possible.

As far as the doctor goes, I don’t currently have any insurance and since, so far, I don’t see any horrible side effects, I can’t really see the sense in spending $135.00 I don’t really have right now for an office visit. Not to mention any test or what not that would have to be done.

Not on any medications, are you? I’ve had that happen with certain things.

Been busier at work, or at home, for any reason? Sometimes I get too busy and forget to eat, or stress takes my appetite.

And sometimes I just skip a bunch of meals because I dont’ think about it. Often when it gets colder out - my time sense gets all screwed up, that might be a part of it. Do you feel a little funny when we go back to standard time?

Not on any medications, other than the occasional advil or tylenol.

Also, it’ll happen on days off too when I am not so busy. I just don’t get hungry. Sometimess even when I remember, I just can’t get myself to eat more than a couple of crackers or something. I feel full, like I just ate, even if I didn’t

If you’re in college, I’d be absolutely shocked to learn that your school didn’t have a clinic, complete with doctor. Depending on individual school, students can see the clinic doctor for free, or for a fairly low fee.

Check into that, why don’cha? :slight_smile:

Happens to me all the time- it’s just some kind of cyclical thing. Sometimes I’m never hungry and I forget to eat until I’m about to pass out. Sometimes I’m ravenous from morning till night and eat a weeks worth of food at once. I figure my body knows what it needs and go with the flow.

What sucks is that i don’t experience hunger right. I don’t notice it until I’m almost too weak to walk or I’m so bitchy that I’m about to jump out of my skin. Othertimes I just get nasous and feel sick at the thought of food when I’m hungry, which really makes it hard for me to make sense of when I need to eat.

The same thing happens to me all the time too. I’ve gone the better part of a week without eating because there was nobody around to tell me that I had to. I think you’re probably fine as long as you do eat at least something every day. If you feel like you can’t eat a whole sandwich (and I assume we’re talking about a regular sandwich and not this sandwich, try to force it down; it’s better to feel extra full than to not have had enough to eat.

i have been having the same problem for awhile now and i think its just stress. at least for me i think it is because lately i’ve been really stressed out over some things and i haven’t been eating. when i do eat it stays down and i have no problems eating i’m just never hungry.

As my hypothyroidism has progressed, I rarely feel an urgent sense of hunger until I’m suddenly miserable and headachy. It took a while to notice I wasn’t hungry from skipping meals because my job was rather stressful and busy at the time.

However, the lack of hunger was only one symptom of the hypothyroidism - for me, tiredness, low heartrate, low BP, etc. were the reasons for getting the blood test that led to the diagnosis. Decreased appetite was only something I noticed once I knew about the cause. If you have any other symptoms of hypothyroidism, might be worth a blood test.

Do zombies need to eat . . . even for over 11 years?

@Kkrose… if you find out what causes this problem, and we can figure out a way to bottle it, we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

I bet against the OP returning with an update if he had one of the more common reasons for anorexia: Cancer.

Interesting username/post combo.