A Thread is Completely Gone; What Gives?

About a year or two ago I wrote an interesting thread in GQ. It was entitled “Did Parents Really Send Their Kids to Summer Camp Back in The Day?” It was about my curiosity as to whether parents a generation or two before mine sent their kids away to summer camp all summer, as hinted at in various Peanuts comics and some old TV shows from the era.

The thread had some interesting responses from older Dopers (fond memories mostly) and had some interesting insights into American epidemiological history (translation: I learned that, in larger cities at least, sending kids away from the cities for the summer helped curtail the spread of polio).

The thread is gone. Completely. I have searched every possible combination of words, fora, dates, title-only vs. entire post, etc. Either the search function is completely missing it, or it’s been pruned.

Any idea what gives? I note that this thread was written well after out Winter of Missed Content.

Here you go:

Did Parents Back in The Day REALLY Send Their Kids to Summer Camp?

I dunno what to tell you. I can’t imagine we’d remove such an innocuous thread.

The search engine is imperfect at best and often it’s not even at best or anywhere close to it.

If it’s that big a deal to you, start another thread. Mention you looked for the old one and didn’t see it.

your humble TubaDiva

Looks like someone searching from another ISP found it.

No biggie.

Thanks, Amp.