A Thread That Was Closed

It was the one about Moderators having sticks up their rings or whatever.

I have no issue with that. There is a difference between actions and being a Mod.

The Mod who closed it made this comment though.

What I would like to clarify is if I want to bitch about a Mod as a poster rather than the actions. This post seems to imply I can’t. Yet Mods can easily post with “Mod Hat off” or even easier don’t even mention that they are acting as a Mod.

One more point- if a member is pitted prior t becoming a Mod, is that pitting allowed to stand? Or is it silently removed to the catacombes under the Vatican.

Czarcasm, please don’t feel obliged to get on your white charger and defend everything management.

Two things:

  1. It’s allowed to Pit mods for non-moderator posts. You want to take issue with my opinion that Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the greatest film of the last ten years, go wild.

  2. It’s not my forum, but your last sentence is wholly inappropriate and potentially actionable. You should really know better.

If they don’t note that they’re acting as a Mod, my assumption is that they’re not acting in their capacity as a moderator. The mods as a group seem to be pretty good at making that clear.

When I said that you can’t pit mods, it was in the context of the thread that you linked to, where mods were being referred to for their moderation.

This is the rule from the Pit:

So to clarify, if you want to bitch about a mod as a poster, that’s perfectly fine and within the rules.

Generally speaking, anything a mod posts prior to becoming a mod is obviously not an action taken as a moderator, and so that is also still fair game.

And Jonathan Chance is correct. Your last sentence isn’t appropriate for ATMB. If you have a problem with Czarcasm, take it to the Pit.

Since that poster could not have been acting as a mod beforehand, the pitting can’t be about his/her moderating behavior. Almost certainly, the thread would survived his/her promotion/punishment. :wink:

I was Pitted for actions as a mod before the policy was changed to move complaints to ATMB. Those threads of course are still around (as for the other mods whose appointments predate the change).

So can I pit a current mod for junior modding before (s)he was a mod? :wink: