A Thunderstorm In January...

…in Chicago. :confused:

Really. Unless the El just fell off the tracks, I heard a huge clap of thunder. And it just started raining. Not snowing, like the foot and a half of snow we have on the ground - rain. It looks really black and ominous out there, too. Thank goodness I have nowhere to be today.

I know it’s not impossible (obviously!) but WTF? Global warming? Brownies? (Mmmm…brownies…maybe I’ll bake today…) Ah, well. At least it will melt all this snow away, so I don’t have to dig the second car (it doesn’t, erm…run.) out of the snow mountain the plow dumped onto it. See, sometimes procrastination does pay off! :smiley:

Mundane and Pointless enough for ya?

Yeah, and you’ll be sending that storm up my way by tonight, where it will become freezing rain, forcing me to skate home from work.

Chicago better send chocolate up to Montreal to appease us after this! Or we’ll… we’ll… snow on you. In** FRENCH**!

Thunderstorms are less frequent, but completely normal. The jet stream is bringing warm air up and cold/warm fronts are colliding a la the spring.

Normal. Go back a thousand years before industry and it happened then, too.

Well at least it wasn’t thunder and snow.

<Lewis Black>

When you hear thunder, and you look outside, you have a certain expectation. It is NOT thunder… with SNOW behind it. That’s [messed] up! They don’t even write about that in the Bible! And I imagine if a prophet had seen something like that, after he’d wiped the poop out of his pants, he’d have written about it!


Seriously “thundersnow” is a truly freaky thing.

Thundersnow is a freaky freaky thing! First time I experienced it I was a wee cub. I woke up one morning because of thunder. I looked outside and it was snowing. :eek: The snow meant, snow day from school which usually meant YAY! NO SCHOOL AND PLAYING IN SNOW!!! However, thunder and snow meant go hide from the horrible apocalypse that is upon us! :eek: I was seriously freaked all day long.

Thunderstorms in winter are no biggie here. Especially in south GA where for the most part winter is kinda like early spring most everywhere else.

I was once coming out of a choir practice, and it was snowing hard on a cloudy night, when suddenly there was a boom and the sky lit up with a dim purple glow. Needless to say, I was terrified; one of the other parents explained that it was just a thundery snowstorm. I still remember shaking and going ‘wtf?’ all the way home.

Use to happen at least once or twice a year in Kingston during the winter months. Nice break from typical Kingston winter weather.

Thundersnow was happening the early evening of January 1st, 2005 in Duluth Minnesota. It really was more of a thunderblizzard. And I was driving through it. The temp was in the low twenties.

That was weird! The rain started as school started, so walking into the building I saw lighting then it just started pouring. That has been the first thunderstorm with snow on the ground I’ve ever seen. All that rain pretty much got rid of all the snow, so the soccer field is like a lake. sighs My poor shoes…

The kid came home from school today in short sleeves with his winter coat shoved into his backpack. And mud all over his jeans! :smiley:

Hahaha, my jeans from the calves down are still all wet. It’s plain nasty out there!

in Wis it’s 39 degrees and raining, have had about an inch today.
last week we got 9 inches of snow.
in two days it’s supposed to have a low of about -10 degrees.
it’s thundering out right now.

On the news they said we should get the snow out of the gutters and pour in de-icer(?). I really, really hope I don’t have ice-water in the basement tonight. :frowning:

A weather alert an hour or so ago – dangerous thunderstorm with nickle sized hail in Muscatine County. Muscatine is on the Mississippi across the river from Illinois. You just got to love a Midwestern winter.

The thunderstorm is back, and it brought back-up. The TV station kept blaring Thunderstorm and Flood warnings over Lost. Most annoying.

We’ve been having some thunder where I am too, with rain, just south of the city of Pittsburgh.

It’s odd, but not unheard of.

I about creamed my jeans when I heard thunder this morning. I love it!! What a treat not to have to wait another five months for a real live thunderstorm!!!

We had a thunderstorm and accompanying flood last night in Toronto. Today’s predicted high is 12 Celsius. Which country is this anyway?!

Flood?!?! Dude, which area of Toronto do you live in?

Thundersnow is freaky, no doubt about it. I’ve only seen it once.

Anyway, already this month we’ve gone above freezing twice, including today. In Montreal. In January.

This ain’t right.

Saturday December 31 1999 6 a.m. I’m sitting in the darkness drinking tea. Suddenly the whole damn sky lights up with a huge BOOM. I thought a plane or an electrical transformer had exploded, or maybe someone shot a gun. Turns out there was a thunder-blizzard outside. Even the radio announcer was stunned.