Snow rain sleet rain lightening sleet

We started this morning with wet snow. It switched to rain, it switched to snow, it switched to heavy rain, it switched to sleet, it switched to rain. We have over two inches of wet snow sleet on the ground, and it’s been lightening constantly for half an hour with no precipitation. I’m about to finish this post and the lightening has stopped and the sleet is now coming down.

I can’t think of any other thread that can possibly come as close to actually being mundane pointless shit as this one.

You deserve a prize.

The sleet is still coming down and it’s lightening again.

Now what’s happening?!?

I went through a thundersnow event. It really is something. Thundersleet, now that is really unusual.

Maybe someone can help me understand this.

**Why **is thundersnow a “really something” event? I’ve seen it once, just this year in fact, and didn’t find it anything special. It was snowing. It was thundering. Big whoop.

So could someone explain to me why people make a big deal over it? I’ll admit that it’s rare, but it didn’t strike me as being much different from a regular thunderstorm, so I’m puzzled by the fuss. (And yes, I’m being serious, not snarky.)

Thunder snow! I can’t wait for the Thunder Cats to start coming down.

I’m sort of expecting four horsemen and Jesus sliding down a rainbow, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Thunder snow is cool because it never happens - I’ve seen it once in my life.

That would be cool.

Coming into a thread to announce that you consider the topic stupid is considered threadshitting, and it’s against the rules.

If you don’t care about a topic, don’t post in the thread.

No warning issued.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I’m sure you misunderstood. Talking about the weather, and especially in this case, very unusual weather, it’s top quality mundane pointless shit. That I posted in the thread, and am still posting in it, should tell you that I actually enjoy talking about the weather.

Having gone through a thundersnow event a few months ago, I can relate to thundersleet. Also the changing from one form of precipitation to another, unless it’s common where you are from, it’s pretty awesome to witness.

Rain to ice balls to snow to sleet to rain then back to snow, that is about as wild as I’ve been through. I also hated most of it.

I don’t see anyone doing anything except talking about it. Well, technically writing back and forth about it.

I’m an odd sort, but I actually enjoy weather threads. It’s sort of mundane, maybe pointless, but it’s still something I enjoy. Especially when it’s from another part of the world I may never experience.

I should have made it clear that this is a reaction to an IRL phenomenon (doot-doot-doo-doot-doo). When they mentioned it on the news, they were going on and on about it. I’ve heard others talk about it as if it were just the scariest thing they’d ever encountered. So I was puzzled, because, ok, rare, but I didn’t think it was scary.

Weather is always a good topic of conversation. :slight_smile: I asked in this thread 'cause y’all were already talking about it.

I don’t think I’ve encountered quite the mix of weather Harmonious Discord has. My usual thing is having the thunderstorm wind up Right Over My House. When the thunder booms, I can hear the dishes rattling in the kitchen cupboards from my bedroom upstairs. Generally I like thunderstorms (as long as I’m not out in them), but that’s a trifle disturbing, and I seem to have a real *knack *for choosing homes where it’s a not uncommon occurrence.

Say, I wonder if that’s why I now have a hairline crack on the outside of my poured concrete foundation? (totally not serious question)

Ah yes, the NEWS. I understand now.

We have a 3 inch layer of water saturated dense snow ice mix covering everything this morning. How wonderful.

When does winter usually end where you are?


We’ve been having below normal temps most of the last month. Melt damn it.

Have you tried blaming Global Warming for this? That always makes me feel better after record cold temperatures.

You know who else likes thundersnow? Jim Cantore, that’s who.

My only experience with thundersnow involved a desperate attempt to knock wet heavy snow off of tree branches to try and save the power lines. In the middle of a thunder blizzard. Something about the quiet steady snow, punctuated by blue flashes and thunder over head, along with the sharp snapping and popping of tree branches giving way, it makes it memorable.