It rained last night!!!

We had thunderstorms and a heck of a lightning show last night. But it rained!!! I was so very excited. :smiley:

We get so liitle rain here, less than 5" a year, that I get all giddy about it when it does.

Mundane and Pointless? Pretty much.

Funny, same thing happened all the way over here. A serious microburst shortly after 10pm EST. Tons of lightning and wind whipped up inside 10 minutes of me coming home (whence there was no wind), and then the sky opened up and dumped Lake Ontario all over the place. Lasted about a half hour all told, but it was fun while it lasted.

Terrible storm in Montreal last night, too. Which I had the pleasure of walking home in at 2 in the morning. Good for the grass and all, but not so much for my shoes.

Crap. All we got was a lot of lightning. No rain at all! The firefighters could have used the latter, and do without the former. When the wind is right I can smell the smoke.

I hate all you guys who live where it rained.

I 'member rain…I think :frowning:

We’ve had a decent amount of rain this year. Twice in the last few weeks, thunderstorms have woken me up at night.

We had a brief but very intense storm last night – during which another third of the neighbor’s pear tree came down. (The first third came down a couple of weeks ago, while I was in town having dinner with Queen Tonya and her bf, oddly enough.)

This time it brought down the neighbor’s phone line (as before) but not mine (as before) and damaged said neighbor’s porch roof, though I don’t think it destroyed it (they’d been hoping it would be, they need to replace it and wouldn’t mind if the insurance covered it); it also fell on the porch roof of the neighbors on the other side – I can’t tell if there’s any damage over there or not.

Guess a couple of heavy duty nylon straps aren’t enough to keep up a rotting tree when the wind is high enough…

My power went out, which really sucked because it seems I’ve forgotten how to function away from the computer. I went to bed at 10.

I rather like T-storms, we had another brief one this afternoon. Kills me when it’s hot and muggy and the humidity stays high even after it rains though, that’s not even right.

Glad to hear you weren’t without phone, Twix. Looks like you’ll be without spare pears as well, bummer.

No rain in Seattle

Overcast in Billings, MT. GLORIOUSLY overcast and a mere 89 degrees. I LUV cloud cover! Back up to 100 by Sunday however.

LVgeogeek, I have been to Vegas a whole bunch o’ times and have seen rain only once while there in summer…lucky you. Did you get a chance to dance in it?


I hate you all.
79F at 6:00 AM this morning.

We had another severe storm last night. A wide path from Wisconsin Dells to Portage on to Poynette has been getting the worst of the storms all summer. The rain gauge read 3.5 inches this morning. The official amount was up to 4 inches in my immediate area with hail and damaging winds. The hail storm a couple weeks ago that left hail around Poynette for 48 hours ended up destroying crops for something over 7,000 acres I believe. I have to go out and fix stuff after every storm this year. Having delt with floods and droughts, I’ll take the drought. Both kill plants, but the floods ruin everything.

Some of that storm actually made it Madison last night. We’ve been bypassed by most of the big ones this summer, but I woke up to rain, lightning, and wind at about 2:30 this morning. No damage for us, fortunately, but there were a lot of trees down, people without power, etc.

I saw that Madison had a power outage and some storm damage. You got 1.5 inches down there we had 4 inches. We had one storm at the begining of July, that dropped 1.5 inches in ten minutes, Madison gave out a rain fall of .2 inches as the max around the state with a few bad spots. It was smack over Portage again last night. The absolute most punished area this year is The section from the Caledonia Bluffs by the interstate to Poynette. Every major storm hits that strip this year. I feel so badly for the farmers in the hail damage area, because nothing is left. The tornado mostly destroyed forests and landscaping. Only a few houses were severely damaged.

Carson City got a bit of rain last night here in northern Nevada.

For about two seconds.

I love rain. I really do. It happened all the time at the beginning of the year, to the point where I got sick of it, and now it’s just cloudy and not doing anything. I wish it’d rain or sunny the fuck up. When you expect rain and don’t get it, it’s kinda like the sneeze you never finish or the orgasm you never get - very, very disappointing.


Rain, complete with thunder and lightning here in Hamburg last night. Thank Og because it was 93 degrees at 8 pm and no place but no place has air-conditioning here.