Ohhh, nice thunderstorm.

I just counted 99 visible flashes in 60 seconds. Some of them were those multi flash kinds of lightening, but still impressive, And often enough to read easily.

But the show better move on before the Amazing Race in 15 minutes, cause my dish won’t work in a downpour like this. :frowning:

Hope it moved so you could get good reception :slight_smile:

I love watching a good lightening storm=) I have seen wall lightening that looked like the world was covered in electric lace … phenomenal!

A friend of mine had the perfect appartment for storm watching, her balcony was about 10 deep, and the entire width of the house. She had a couple of the really nice overstuffed lawn chairs out there with a table between them, and a very antique looking kerosene lantern hanging off the wall between them she filled with citronella oil to keep the bugs away. We could look out and watch the storms over Lake Ontario and be dry and comfy =) We spent many storms there kicked back with hot coffee and munchies=)