Woohoo! Lightning storm!

Going on right now!

The lights have been flickering and the cats have been staring about, wide-eyed. I love this! I hope it lasts all night, because sleeping in a thunderstorm is the greatest thing on earth.

Don’t worry, my computer’s on a great surge-protector.

There was a strike a few minutes ago that I swear landed about a hundred yards away.


I loooooooooovvvvveee thunder storms. I am so jealous of you!

ESPECIALLY when they strike right next to where you are.
What fun!

I do enjoy a good lightning storm. They predicted one here, but it doesn’t look to me like we’ll be getting one.

It might be a good idea to unplug your computer anyway. Surge protectors can’t protect against really big surges.

According the Unka’ Cecil if they cost over $50 they can.
Hmmm… :dubious:
Anyone else think Cecil might have a part-time job on the side? :smiley:

I love thunderstorms… the fiercer the better. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your house and hearing wind whip by as if they’re banshees while lighting flashes and thunder booms.

Well, except maybe walking in it.

Lightning storms scare me, but I’m glad others enjoy them.

The lights flickered? Flickered?

Sorry, but it ain’t a thunderstorm until your cats are howling from barometric pressure changes and the power goes completely out. Then you have to shuffle around in your kitchen in complete blackness trying to find candles and matches. A couple nearby tornadoes usually add to the drama.

In a really good thunderstorm, the power should be still be out the next day. At this point you dig a barbecue pit in your yard. You get all the food from the freezer, light a fire, and start cooking. If it’s too much for you to eat invite all the neighbors over. Since they probably have frozen food that is in danger of rotting, they’ll make contributions to the feast.

When dinner is done and it gets dark, have a ghost story contest. Go to bed chuckling about how your scary ghost story will keep the neighbors awake in fear all night.

Next day power should be on again. Go about your normal business like nothing ever happened.

Now *that’s * a thunderstorm.

I lost my septic pump to a lightning strike. To anyone who has never had to change a septic pump… well… I’ll spare you the details, but it’s not pleasant.

Now every time I see lightning in my area I cringe.

We have thunder and lightning on an almost daily basis here for several months in a row. I don’t mind it myself, but my poor golden retriever freaks. Every. Single. Time. So it’s hard to enjoy the storms properly when I have 75 lbs. of quivering coward trying to crawl through the floor.