A time killing fun web site, and other pointless pat meanderings.

I don’t know if this site has been posted. But, I thought I would post it again, because I had some fun with it. (After doing a search, I didn’t see anyone having mentioned it in the last five days.)


You think of something and the program asks you 20 questions in an attempt to answer it. Its fun. It can be pornographic. It can be educational. (Did you know gorillas are not soft? I am not saying whether or not that is pornographic or educational, I will leave that as an exercise to everyone else.)
It is an addictive game, for some odd reason. It is either because I am impressed when the computer guesses right, or I get to gloat when the computer guesses wrong. Whatever the case, it is worth a look, because the program is well done, without any popups or annoying graphics to annoy while you play around with it.

I filled out that kellibelli Miss Piggy quiz. I ended up being a Babe the pig/Willy Wonka kinda guy. Which is cool. But, for some of the questions I think I could have gone either way. I imagine if I went back I would be classified as an Attila the Hun type. I didn’t go to check. How scary. I change two questions I go from helping sheep go to where they are supposed to go. To doing god knows what to sheep. Well, they probably don’t have Attila the Hun. But, they should.


I bought my Dad a hat for his birthday. I got him one of those hats where you choose what is written on it. I thought he would think it was pretty cool. The guy at the store was giving me the hard sell. Imagine… The hard sell on a fifteen dollar hat. I didn’t care, since I knew I was going to buy it anyway. But, it was kind of weird. I could smell the booze on his breath from across the counter. Which, wouldn’t be a weird thing, but it was 10 am. I was glad when I found out he wasn’t handling the sewing machine. He might hurt himself and others. Everyone knows it is a serious offense to operate sewing apparatus while under the influence. I know it at least. I enjoyed hearing him tell me how the guy who sews the stuff is an artist, and he pointed at some sweatshirt that said Santa Barbara and he wanted me to see how beautiful it was. I had to take a closer look- he insisted. It was very nice. The hat turned out well, by the way. I am sure my Dad will like it.

These last weeks before vacation are always tough. I have a hard time concentrating on work, and I worry that I haven’t done everything I need to do before I leave. Things will work out a bit easier this time. I don’t leave from LAX, but from the local airport. That takes a long drive off of my shoulders. I just have to survive a plane ride with two layovers.

Everyone should see Thin Blue Line. I watched it yesterday. It is a Errol Morris documentary from 1988. It tells the story of a man convicted of murdering a police officer- Randall Adams. He was accused by a teenager who went on to become a life long criminal. Throughout most of the movie, I was impressed with the technique, and I thought there was a strong possibility that some injustice might have occurred. I wasn’t real sure how the movie could have been influential enough to actually get the man released. (I heard this as fact, although I might be wrong.) At the end, the evidence truly comes out that points to his innocence. It was an incredible movie, that I really enjoyed. It also has a Phillip Glass score, which contributes to the mood, and fits in well with the dramatizations. Great stuff.

Anyway. Check out that link. It is well worth it.


Heard of it, hell, I had it in my sig for a while (A caramel apple might not hurt Superman). If you search using “any date” you’ll probably find the thread for it (well, depending on your search terms, I guess), and it has some pretty funny stuff in it (contradictions and spontaneous knowledge from the database updates at the end), IIRC.

Thanks Kat. It is good to know taht I am not the only one who enjoyed the site.