recommend me a fun website to waste some time at

i got about 2 hours or so to waste, and i’ve run out of sites :frowning:

I think you’re here. (games) (highly addictive)


Whenever my niece says she’s bored, I tell her to visit that site. It takes care of the problem just fine.

I can waste hours at the We’ve Got Mail! section of the snopes messageboard. It’s only funny because the emails are real.

WARNING : If you go there, the “Readers who lost their jobs working for Penthouse Forum” thread has a very high “eeeewwww” factor, you might want to give it a miss.

Lots of games…

I may as well make a post in shameless self-promotion here, click the link in my sig. :smiley:

The Chaser .

Total Obscurity VERY addictive! Some interesting discussion as good as any you’ll find here.

Man. Thanks Guin. I ended up wasting an EXTREME amount of time on the anonymous message server. I just kept on giving random dirctions to the Rose Bowl, etc. (If any dopers were on there the same time as me, now you know. Don’t kick my ass, please.)

Sometimes, I need something to waste my time. Because, God Forbid I do something useful.

This is a pretty site. I like it, anyway.

I have wasted several nights on this site. Others I told about it came back to me telling me how many hours they wasted. You are warned!

Heh-heh. It’s threads like this that drive our beloved mods crazy trying to figure out if someone snuck in a porn site or two.