Websites one can waste tons of time on? I'm going to the DMV....

I’m going to the DMV tomorrow at around noon…I know, I know, dumb ass thing to do, the line will be through the roof…But I have to register my car, and change an address.
I thought I’d bring my laptop and mess around online…what are some good sites I can go to with funny, interesting, mundane content that will keep my busy for a while. Do you folks have any that you visit regularly?

Aside from the Dope, as I don’t want to type a whole lot… Thanks all.

They’ve got a bunch of links to … interesting, yeah, that’s it … sites.

go to ebaumsworld

or my personal favorite…

Well, some doper sent me to…pretty cool site.

Hours of fun. No, make that days. All tastefully arranged in easy-to-digest one-nibble-of-content-per-page bites. Themes: pop culture, ephemera*, advertising, architecture, urban life, neoconservatism (not obvious till you get to The Bleat).

*To collectibles specialists, a term meaning paper-based items such as matchbooks, labels, fliers, and throwaways.

What state do you live in? Some states (like mine) allow you to do everything online but the photo.

“jay is” posts about a different, usually interesting, Flash game a day. Checking it weekly can easily lead to hours of wasted time if you’re into simple Flash games, and it’s been going for long enough that the archives will keep you busy for a good while.

Ebaums world
This site has tons of games, videos, and jokes…the games are incredible
My old roommate used to play on it every day. contains many worthy ways to waste time. is home of Strong Bad email and the excellent Teen Girl Squad. Many pictures of evil cats from other planets.

CBCD those are some good ones…awesome

If you are a movie fan Internet Movie Database will keep you amused for days. OK, it’s keeps me amused for days, but I am easy that way. The good news it that it is all work safe for public consumption.

If you’ve never read it, Acts of Gord is fun reading. I wasted several hours there when I first ran across it.

I just discoverd Overheard in the Office, and it kept me entertained for a while. I’ve killed a lot of time with Customers Suck, Etiquette Hell and Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing. And there’s always Fark for the latest news.

If you’re at all geek-minded, Computer Stupidities is always good for a laugh.

I love Spinnwebe…make sure to peruse the entire “A1-AAA” section.

If you’re a movie fan, don’t miss FilmWise.

It won’t kill hours, but you can pass maybe 20 minutes with your daily allotment of Legend of the Red Dragon.

Finally, although it hasn’t been updated in years, I second Ponder Stibbons’ nomination of Acts Of Gord – one of the funniest damn things on the net.

Another way to play with imdb is to use it for six degrees. (OK, so maybe I’m easily amused)

Or try nordinho, which is similar to jay is’s blog, but it’s not just flash games, it’s got reviews of a lot of other games. Not as high quality, but still not bad for finding new games to try out.