Favorite Web sites to waste time

Other than this one …

What are some of your favorite web sites to pass time.

I love www.jibjab.com

Why, this one, of cou… oh.

Uh, Snopes. Yeah, Snopes.

I don’t consider snopes a waste of time.

gofugyourself, however, is mindless nirvana.

www.ytmnd.com – Full of completely useless and (some of them) utterly hilarious tiled *.gifs with looping sound bites reflecting the moment-to-moment gestalt of web culture. By the same token, www.newgrounds.com , although this is definitely NSFW.

www.addictinggames.com is fun. Try Slime Volleyball.

The absolute best parody site on the net bar none.

There’s no bigger time-waster for me than this site.



It’s not a waste of time, but I get stuck on my Yahoo Launchcast Radio.

One of my favorites is Lileks.com, particularly the “Institute of Official Cheer.” Chuckles aplenty in there.

bored.com is a great site with lots of different activities.