I need more fun sites to visit. Recommend me a site.

I have a regular lineup of favorite sites that I visit almost every day (besides this one):

Something Awful
Milk and Cookies
Cruel Site of the Day
Japanese Engrish
The Sneeze

These are great, but sometimes I find myself jumping around aimlessly when I’ve already seen the new stuff. Anyone know of any good sites similar to the ones above that they can recommend me? (SFW preferrable, for when I have slack time available at work)

An aimless diversion I just discovered: http://www.campusnut.com/index.cfm

I’m taking the celebrity love test now!


It shut down a few months ago after years of fun but the archives are worth a read.


Tomato Nation. Home page of one of the writers at Television Without Pity. Funny, funny lady.

What you need is StumbleUpon, the greatest web invention since google IMNSHO. StumbleUpon is a browser button that lets you set your own “channels” out of hundreds of choices. Stumble upon Users vote for web sites that are included in the channels. When you click “Stumble” you get randomly taken to a great website focusing on a subject you are interested in. I sometimes click for hours and see all kinds of cool crap.

It is a must have and a great way to break out of a rut.

Try this one, for all the bad names people have given their kids:


And just for cuteness: www.amazingcatcollection.com

And a day spent in a college library with marshmallow peeps:


Dickery’s got bad stuff on it. Go there, but clean your computer afterwards, unless they’ve done some renovations.

I just wanted to point you to pizzabrat’s Thread.


Did a couple tests. Apparently I’m 80% sleazy!

I usually WikiSurf. Pick a random subject, wiki it, and follow links within the articles that seem interesting. Can keep you going for hours sometimes.

I am so happy to hear I am not the only one to do this.


I enjoy this one on occassion. It is family-related type stuff. Funny kid stuff and the like.

:smack: Try this again MammaRama


Ze Frank = creative genius

You’ll find games, movies, humor, toys, puzzles–pretty much anything you need to keep from doing actual work.

Fun Trivia has quizzes on a myriad of topics and they are currently doing a world tournament that is pretty fun.

While not safe for work, these are good:

The ones that are SFW (i think):


http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/ (maybe NSFW)
http://uncyclopedia.org/index.php?title=Ronald_Reagan&oldid=252901 (this page just cracks me up)

I don’t know if you would call it fun, but www.loompanics.com (weird books) is going out of business, so you may want to look while you still can.

Snce there are so many cat lovers here, I am surprised no one has mentioned:

Amazing Cat Collection


Like playing games? There are TONS here:


Feeling creative? Make a snowflake:


Wanna be grossed out? :

And the ever popular My Cat Hates You.