OTHER favorite websites to visit when bored...

I am at work this week and it’s reeeeeaaaaaaally slow. Most of the base is on stand-down so there is little to do.

Please recommend some SFW sites that you like to visit. I don’t have flash on this system, so watching video and stuff is out.

Any suggestions?

Go to any of the big photo-hosting sites, like Photobucket , Webshots , or Flickr . Find the button that says “browse”, and you get to see a random sampling of pictures that people take and upload. A lot of them let you search by category, sometimes I like to just keep hitting the refresh button to see what comes up.

It’s like eavesdropping on people’s pictures.


Megasized news aggregator–hours of fun. Updates at an insane rate.

You can create your own hero here, or generate your own Silly Walk

I like boingboing.net. They’re a little slow over the holidays, but if you haven’t been there before there’s a huge backlog to look at.

fark.com - Interesting news stories from all over, and funny Photoshop contests.
digg.com - Links to anything and everything, links are “dug” by users to raise their display rank.


Lots of hilariously, and unintentionally, mangled English from Asia.

If you enjoy picking TV shows apart until your brains come out your ears, Television Without Pity is a pretty good place to head. At times reading their recaps for various TV shows can be frustrating, since the nitpicking can be unreal with some of them, but so long as you don’t take your favorite shows too seriously it can be a blast. The forums are fairly good, as well.

Try these:

Overheard in New York

Post Secret

Found Magazine

Eric Conveys Emotions

My Cat Hates You

Stuff On My Cat

Googlewhack is the most fun, frustrating and best time waster I have ever used. The rules are simple–find two words that are only listed together on one website. Then to up the challenge, try to have a conversation with others on the board.

Sgt Schwartz


My favorite is Go Fug Yourself, all about “celebrities with unfortunate fashion sense”. The proprietors are “hilarious bitches” indeed.

Random Personal Picture Finder

Look At This…

Bits & Pieces

http://www.popurls.com - As mentioned above, it has links that even if you only load it in the beginning of the day, it will keep you busy :slight_smile:

http://www.wikipedia.org - Random entry for the win!

And then most of my online time is spent by reading my own RSS feeds, it collects about 85 different blogs :slight_smile:

– IG


www.neopets.com Although if you don’t have flash some of the games might be out.


The Bad Astronomy Blog

The Internet Movie Database

The Sandbox - blogs from deployed US Soldiers, brought to you by Doonesbury.

Science Daily

If you’re a tad bit geeky, this website has all sorts of info, updated daily, on a wide range of science topics ranging from Medicine and Health, Space and Time, Plants and Animals, Matter and Energy, Earth and Climate, Computers and Math, Fossils and Ruins, Mind and Brain…oodles of interesting tidbits.

For even more cat pics and videos: www.amazingcatcollection.com

www.pandora.com, online radio (sic) that you can train to your preferences courtesy of the Music Genome Project.



Cats that look like Hitler

The Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager

Flame Warriors



Improv Everywhere

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About