Interesting Websites

Due to boredom I’m currently looking for interesting websites, preferably ones that update on a reasonably frequent basis. Examples of (fairly common) ones I’ve got so far are Slashdot, Straight Dope, the Onion, various webcomics, but really I’m looking for almost anything.

Anyone got some good ones they want to share?

I know a few, but they have alot of porn banners as advertisments and I wont link them. They are kinda gross and have sick-o pictures of car wreck victims, morgue photos, sick and twisted hobbies of folks with too much time on their hands and crazy crap. They update often and are good to kill time. If you want this kind of sick crap, let me know and I’ll tell you how to find them.

I like (formula one news) and (wild-ass cartoons, not for the kiddies!)

Damn! I have forgotten to not become drunken again!

The ones I hang around are Fark, Something Awful, Portal of Evil (site is work-safe, links are NOT.) and that’s pretty much it. For good comics there’s Sluggy Freelance, Bruno the Bandit, Living in Greytown (mostly not work-safe) and I’ve got one linked in my sig.

A really fun one that updates weekly is

They post shortened news articles from around the world (mostly from the USA). Some of them are HILARIOUS!!! It can make you weep for humanity!

Here are a few I like to direct folks to. You will know why some folks say “Oh no” when they get an email from me.

I found my brothers birthday gift here.

No comment needed.

I like the 7 days of the week set.

Some funny stuff here.The bowling and wiffleball games are fun.

Another time killer for me is to visit Google and click on images. Check your name, others names, or just about anything. Lots of wierd sites out there. I entered my zip code and found an adult bed and breakfast only a mile from my home. Guests should be ‘open minded’ and when the sun goes down, the party is just heating up.
They’re occasionally a little lax about updating every weekday, but it’s very funny.

LowBrow. What. I thought it was amusing.

for cards:

Strong Bad!

if you dont visit your are doomed to a life of boredom

No bookmark collection is complete without…

Landover Baptist Church


Any page that pokes fun at the fundies is A-OK in my book.

Go and get a free rune reading - this was my first and only little piece of javascript!

Well, and are both great places to check out if you’re bored. They contain facts, explanations and instructions on a whole load of subjects.

If you are after humour I can also recommend some great sites. They’re pretty adult, however, so I won’t unless you email me and ask! :slight_smile:

Holy crap, that site is funny! (the message boards are interesting as well)

seanbaby is a funny one, I love his video reviews!!

another site that I like is

they have some officialeze or somesuch that made me love them has links and pics that range from cool and interesting to immature and disturbing. is pretty ridiculous, but funny. is similar to, both are good. is also a daily read for me.