I need more Web sites to read!

I’m having a down time at the office and I’ve exhausted all my usual suspects on the Web: SDMB, Salon, Television Without Pity, all the “Office” fan sites, the New Republic, the Nation, the Atlantic, the New Yorker, the Progressive, Harper’s, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Roger Ebert.

What else can I check out? What’s well-written? Engaging? Funny? Entertaining? Informative?

I’m sick of blogs, by the way. And cartoons are too hard to read on a computer.

And I’m at work, so porn is right out.


Uncyclopedia - where there is knowledge to be found, uncyclopedia shall wrong it

The Guardian - one of the UK’s best papers

fark.com and newsoftheweird.com are both good sites.

Ironic Times
Comics I Don’t Understand

Arts & Letters Daily

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Damn Interesting
History House

It will wipe out any last remnant of productivity you may have left in you, but damn, the StumbleUpon extention/plugin is essential to kill time.

You set your interests, you click the little stumble button, and you never know where the time went.

I have found all of the above listed links at some time or another using it.