help I so bored!

I’m at work and I’m really bored I need some interesting websites to read while I pretent to work.

Rob Cockerham’s site

Check out the how much inside adventures.

There’s new stuff every couple of weeks.

Well, there’s this site, for starters. :smiley:

If you’re into movies, check out IMDB and Rotton Tomatoes.

A few others I frequently visit for boredom cures:

The Onion
The Smoking Gun
Tech Tales

Thanks for those!

I’m a newspaper reporter, and found a site I love called the journalist’s toolbox. It has a section called “cool sites” that has a bunch of fun links.

Not to be mean or anything but have you considered actually, well. . . working?

Yes I have! believe me I’d love to, but I dont have to do much work each day to escape the notice of my superiors, so I want to do as little as possible otherwise they will just expect more all the time. The way I see it is in most jobs targets are too high and you end up with too much. I have the opposite “problem”.

If I were actually to get any credit for doing more I would but I dont, so there is absolutely no point.

Oo!, forgot about this one:

The Internet Oracle

Tho’ if you’ve been surfing a while you’ve probably already seen it.

Bored you say?

Then try!