Recommend some funny internet sites to me.

I’m bored. Point me to some good humour sites, would ya please?

Now, I’m hardly a newbie – I know a lot of the really popular sites, and I’ve seen all those jokes that get forwarded by co-workers a bajillion times (next person to forward me another ‘Darwin Awards’ story gets a royal flogging).

So, perhaps you can point me to a site that’s a bit more obscure.

For some reason, I found this to be pretty damn funny.


Eh, the Onion and SatireWire are alright. Yes, I know you already know about them, but hey…doing my part.

Well, depending on your political viewpoint, you might like our little website:

One of my friends wrote a great humour site at

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

A long time ago, in pants far, far away . . .

Secret Diaries

Hi, monkey!

Misanthropic Bitch

Etiquette Hell

After first visiting The Asian Prince, I laughed sporadically for the rest of the day.

I personally liked this one, might not be funny to everyone:

Long live 8-bit theatre


The Icy Hot Stuntaz, white richie riches trying to be ghetto. Their sites are funny in their own pitiful way, but the real humor is in the parodies. I saw one with the WTC plane/guy on tower top photo with one of 'em stuck in. Hilarious. Read on: (warning: rampant homophobia!)
It goes on…

“let’s look at the people we’re glad we’re not!” -Sam and Max

Here’s a few, although there are some folks who may not find them funny at all.




You are educated stupid.

Australia’s theonion .

Always found this one to be quite hysterical:

Landover Baptist Church is the Canadian World Domination site. is that WTC plane picture guy photoshopped into hilarous pictures.

Girlfriend Stealers
It’s a roundup of the other satire sites like The Onion and a few you won’t have heard of.

Kinda long, but a great site. I was laughing out loud as I read it.

The Redneck Neighbor

I love his mailbox.

Hey Arden Ranger, thanks for the link to

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

A most entertaining website that is.

Love this quote from the site. "Before you judge me, just think how many people out there would use this space to put up photographs of their cats. "

These are great links, guys and gals. Keep 'em coming!

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