Give me your funny websites!

During my years of night watches (and generally being awfully lazy) I estimate that I’ve consumed about 98% of the internet’s entertainment. So I’m here to scrape the barrel and see what’s left! In order to do so, I need you entertainment connoisseurs to provide me with your favourite funny webpages to help me stave off miserable boredom.

Some caveats - need to be reasonably SFW, can’t stream videos/flash and no sounds from the webpage.

Here’s what I’m already up on:

  • (And it’s many, many deviant offspring.)
  • Encyclopedia Obscura.
  • Hyperbolé and a half.
  • XKCD/Cyanide and Happiness/Oglaf/Pondus/Nemi/Lunch

Any suggestions?

List of the Day and Cakewrecks are two of my favorites!

The Onion?

(I’ll presume you left it off your list because it was too obvious…)

Awkward Family Photos

And by awkward they mean therapy inducing nightmare fodder. :smiley: has made me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before (a few times, each time harder than the last).

No one’s mentioned yet?


Ring of Bliss (sooo NSFW)

Can’t link to things at the moment but…

I second The Oatmeal.

I also find funny/weird stuff on the Tosh.0 blog (which has a lot of stuff posted that they never cover on the show).

It hasn’t been updated in years but there is still an archive of The Brunching Shuttlecocks at their web site (at least there was as of a few months ago). - NSFW due to language; mostly text unless you deliberately invoke the audio. - NSFW due to being a massive timesink but otherwise OK.

The Sneeze. The best part is Steve Don’t Eat It but it hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

This is why you’re fat.

E-mails from your in-laws

An oldie but goodie: Peter Pan guy.

The four I visit every day: (updated hourly noon - 4PM EST weekdays)

And one that doesn’t get updated much, but I get a lot of laughs from it anyway: