Suggest some websites please!

My sister and I like to look at silly websites and laugh at them together through IM. We used to do it in person but we’re 300 miles apart now and it’s a way we keep in touch with each other.

So, we need some new sites.

We like funny stuff (Engrish, people of walmart, ugly christmas decorations, texts from last night, etc.)

Please recommend something you think we’d get a kick out of. <— that’d be awesome for sharing snark

Cool! I forgot the plastic surgery one.

We’ve looked at the second one already and she hasn’t seen the plastic surgery one yet. The others are new to both of us.


Oh, and I just remembered this one We’ve been having fun making snowflakes. She discovered that she likes using Paint to color them up a bit.


texts from last night
FU Penguin
stuff white people like

Sorry - I apparently skipped right over your TFLN mention in the OP. Oops.

FARK is where I get most of my news from. Google News got real depressing a few years ago when the only thing on it was death tallys. Anything real important is posted on Fark only slightly slower than CNN, NYT or Google news.

Sadly, /. comments are pretty much pure snark and puns, and very low on substance. But like Fark there are a few gems of info amoung smart ass remarks. Customer-service horror stories.

Some of the comments are true genius.

This site “Hunters and Gatherers” is hysterical.

What it is, is this: There is a dating/hookup site for gay people called Manhunt. And people post their picture on it. Then these guys take those pics and make comments on them.

Some of them are hysterical. It’s a great way to get a laugh

For example of a comment made about one poster’s picture:

There is some adult content so it’s NSFW. But most if it is fine, 'cause the sexually explicit pictures aren’t very funny

Pointless Sites has some fun links.

Celebrity fashion faux pas and red carpet catastrophes. Very entertaining. Every day should start here. Your mood will get better. for a quick roundup of the day’s top stories. for articles on everything under the Sun. for everything a movie buff could ever hope to know. for spoilers galore - the endings to movies you’ll never see but were curious about. for a great online Tolkien encyclopedia. for silly spoofs of the news.

I personally have gotten a few laughs out of the “photobomb” site:

A photobomber is a person who makes a surprise appearance in a photograph, typically doing something silly in comparison with the photo’s main focus. The photobomber may be doing it intentionally or unintentionally.

Here is a typical example:

and another

Best thing on the internet:

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I actually haven’t had a chance to do the nightly website thing with my sister for two days (it’s friggen Friday night. She has no life either. Why am I the only one online?).

Some of these I’ve been to before but quite a few are new and I’m definitely looking forward to showing them to her too.