Recommend some funny internet sites to me.

Total Obscurity
…for a little bit o’everything. I LOVE this site.
…for a Japanese take on the English language.

The Modern Humorist
…somewhat along The Onion page.

…once again, along the same lines as The Onion.

The SUV Poseur Page
…a fun anti-SUV site.

Ned Flanders’ favourite?!

What, nobody’s mentioned our very own Weird Earl’s archive yet?

Oh my god. I thought I was the only one who knew this site existed. Quite an amusing site.

When I need cheering up, I usually go to Bush or Chimp?

All hail Chris.


Yeah, I actually e-mailed Gene Ray once. I gave him this whole long spiel about how cubes have six sides, not four, but that the whole thing was irrelevant anyway, as the true mystical number around which everything revolves is 23. He didn’t respond, so I e-mailed him again, and called him an “ignorant cubeless one-corner jackass,” or something. He finally mailed me back and told me, “You and your math are both stupid, but I love you anyway.” That made my day.

Oh yeah, and I want to make a Time Cube-ized Chick tract some time.

I think The Institute of Official Cheer is pretty funny.

I’ve linked this before, it’s a hoot.

I love Things My Girlfriend and I. . … He has a page for answers to American’s questions that cracks me up. [Homer] It’s funny 'cause it’s true![/Homer]

whoo. go Sad Robot!

of course.

i like it, you will too if you can avoid screaming and running when you see the early art. it has a very nice, complete plot, and some excellent storyboarding.


we love the japanese. yesm’s we do.

That link was so funny…they should call The Onion “America’s Chaser”. Its better than The Onion I think.

…and then there’s always Canada’s “The Onion,” The Toque.

Someone mentioned… yes, I love this site!

Especially their Photoshop Friday. Last time they did this, though, they got hosed by the Henson company for using Muppet images, and had to take all the pictures down.

This was a link on Blue’s News a few days ago.

There is some rather funny material here.

If you’ve never heard of this bunch before, you need to prepare yourself:


The best selling adult comic in the UK. It’s also sold in Oz though I don’t think it’s generally available in the US yet.

Warning: Viz can be a little racy, lots of bad language, you may want to avoid clicking on it if you are at work but it’s also very funny. Especially the Profanisaurus.

I am curious as to how his lecture/debate at MIT went.

All his quotes are gems, though. I especially like, “GOD IS CORNERED AS A QUEER.”

One of my Friday rituals:

Well, since someone mentioned Something Awful I have to add

You might also check

I think the name explains it all.