A time machine and a sack full of sheet music...

So, you’ve got access to a time machine.

You could go to the library and research stock prices, sports scores, or lottery numbers from past years, but you’re a rocker, dude!

So you gather up all your sheet music of top hits from the past 20 years, strap on your ax and head back in time 30 or 40 years. You’re a descent musician – cover band level skills – and you’ve got a pretty good set of pipes. When you arrive in the past, you immediately secure some gigs where you know music producers are going to be hanging out (future knowledge is great). What’s going to happen when you hit the '70’s with some '90’s grunge? Are you assured fame and fortune? Will the life of a rock star that you always dreamed of be yours? Will you even get a record contract? Or might you just end up as that really odd musician that people “discover” 20 years after the drug overdose and say; “What a shame, this guy was ahead of his time.”

I clicked biggest ever, because it was the best choice.

But I have to say that a LOT would depend on you persona, how you played the whole thing, and so on. Basically, it depends.

A lot of music, IMHO, is that really kick-butt songs will get played and win one fame IF one can get them played and promoted well.

But the promotion and timing is the turd in the punch bowl. You have to have that, and it comes with a good deal of luck or fortuitiveness. No way of really telling what is gonna catch the public’s fancy.

So, yeah, I think the music would pretty much be a winner for you, but a lot would depend on how you set it up and played it, and there is just no telling if the songs would be the mega-hits they were originally.

Chaos theory, y’know? It’s the thing that we time travellers just despise.