A Train Game

In the Good Morning America How Are Ya? thread started by Sgt Schwartz, I commented that there ought to be a game where trains are involved.

Let’s do one.

Identify the songs or movies from these clues and then post your own clues to others:

  1. Farley Granger and Ruth Roman
  2. Cary Grant and Martin Landau
  3. Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard
  4. …the midnight train is moaning low…
  5. …Hear dat lonesome whistle blowin’ 'cross the trestle…
  6. Albert Finney and Ingrid Bergman
  7. …sixteen coaches long…
  8. …Gotta keep on pushing mama…
  9. …We’ll have time for coffee flavored kisses…

Long Train Running, by the Doobie Brothers.


  1. … please don’t miss this train at the station…
  1. Strangers on a Train
  2. North by Northwest
  3. Von Ryan’s Express

Here’s a clue:

  1. Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin
  1. Murder on the Orient Express

Strangers on a Train

North by Northwest

von Ryan’s Express

Midnight Special?

Orange Blossom Special?

Murder on the Orient Express

900 Miles

Long Train Runnin’ Late

I have no idea.

I realize I’m a total Train Geek when I think of how many I could think of:

  1. The Rembrandt letters.
  2. Southern Pacific #4449
  3. …shovel all the coal in…
  4. A car gets launched into the air at a grade crossing.
  5. “Lionel Joseph!”

Silver Streak

…gotta keep it rollin’. (Specifically, the Chattanooga Choo Choo.)

Some that haven’t yet been answered correctly AFAIK:

  1. …the midnight train is moaning low…
    I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry.

  2. …Hear dat lonesome whistle blowin’ 'cross the trestle…
    Blues in the Night

  3. …We’ll have time for coffee flavored kisses…
    Last Train to Clarksville

E_K 11) Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin
Emperor of the North Pole

Here are mine:
16} So we went down to the Union Station and made our getaway.

17)All on board the train, All on board the train, All on board! [these are just about the only lyrics in the entire song that don’t give it away immediately]

Eonwe’s 10) … please don’t miss this train at the station…
is Love Train.


I suppose you are both right, but doesn’t Throw Mama from the Train seem like it should have been the answer?

Marrakesh Express

You thought

Animal carpet wall to wall, American ladies five-foot tall in blue.

would have been too easy?

Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marakesh Express?

Dang, I see Robot Arm beat me to it, both in terms of time and spelling.

My #7 is Mystery Train recorded by Elvis before he left Sun Records. The music and lyrics are by Junior Parker and Sam Philips. There’s some variation in the number of coaches depending on who else recorded the song over time.

  1. “…think you got enough dynamite there, …?”
  2. Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier
  3. Eric Roberts and Jon Voight
  4. Charlton Heston and Betty Hutton
  5. “…on the train that is passing through…”
  6. “…to get to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem…”
  7. Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland
  8. Alec Guinness and William Holden

19) The Defiant Ones
20) Runaway Train
21) The Greatest Show On Earth

Here’s mine:

  1. …Men on horses, Men with guns, but no sign of the law. We know what happened to the train, but what was the name of the engineer who had “40 years on the line?”

  2. What band recorded a song that said," She’s more a roller coaster than the train I used to know?"

  3. What was Shorty Medlocke’s destination, according to the song?

I know these are hard. Good luck! :smiley:

  1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  2. The Great Train Robbery

  3. Bridge on the River Kwai

  4. Memphis

Some new ones:

29)… Inside outside, leave me alone, inside outside, nowhere is home

30)… LA proved too much for the man

31)… So alone I keep the wolves at bay, And there’s only thing I can say

32)… Trouble ahead, trouble behind

33)… I bet there’s rich folks eatin’, In a fancy dining car

23- Take the “A” Train
27- Tons of Steel
29- 5:15
30- Midnight Train To Georgia
31- Train In Vain
32- Casey Jones
33- Folsom Prison

some more

  1. in the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave
  2. illusion it is just the same conclusion
  3. each time you pass you’re older than the last
  4. it wasn’t what you thought, just some dreams that you bought
  5. get your bags together
  1. Now baby’s got that bottle filled up with lightning and rain…
    And 36 was Old Train by John Denver
  1. Ghost Train - Marc Cohn

And Eonwe is correct on 36 , although I didn’t know that John Denver had covered it also. I remembered it as a Herb Pederson song performed by the Seldom Scene and several other bluegrass groups.

My #22 is from Laura, lyrics by Johnny Mercer who had a thing for trains. My others have all been guessed correctly.

Scenes from movies that would fit many titles:

  1. somebody runs along the top of the train, jumping from car to car
  2. approaching a tunnel the person has to either hang off the side of the train or lie down on his/her belly to pass through the tunnel
  3. the bad guys knock out the engineer and the guy who shovels the coal and have to wind up doing the stoking and driving themselves
  4. in a near collision with the oncoming train there’s a sidetrack they take just in time to avoid the wreck
  5. there’s a fight on top of the train or on a flatcar or on the landing on the back of the caboose and they beat each other pretty much senseless until they approach a trestle or a bridge at which point the good guy knocks the bad guy off the train so he can plummet to his death below
  6. somebody blows up the bridge or trestle and the whole train tumbles off into a ravine or river (already alluded to in Bridge on the River Kwai)
  7. people who barely know each other wind up sharing a berth in a Pullman
  8. somebody asleep in a Pullman berh gets folded up into the wall

If you feel like putting in some titles that fit these stock sequences, be my guest.

Either that or add some cliches of your own.