Take a musical train ride

Inspired by a suggestion in this thread (sorry about the delay, but work has kept me from posting), here is the train game thread that Zeldar requested.

All posts will contain a train related song title, or lyric, but to post it you most include the name of the route that the train takes. For example–Riding on the city of New Orleans–route 59 City of New Orleans (Amtrack)

So, to start it off, Blackfoot–Train, Train (Midnight train to Memphis)
Memphis is Route 58 City of New Orleans (Amtrack)

*I was going to score this by number of songs posted by miles of route, but I doubt I will have time to score this prior to Sept.

Sgt Schwartz

Err… I hope I’m doing this right.

Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey (She took the midnight train going anywhere)

Oh, fuck. Nevermind-- I’m idiot. Please ignore my post. :smack:

You had the right idea, Clockwork and Candy, all you have to add to it is a train route that leaves out of South Detroit.
The lyric would be

–Journey–Don’t Stop Believing

Sgt Schwartz

Promised Land–Chuck Berry

That would be on Route 19 Cresent (Amtrak)

Sgt Schwartz