A Tribe Called Quest - Phife Dawg's death and listening

I was sorry to hear of Phife Dawg’s passing - I knew he had a history of health problems.

But MTVLive played Beats, Rhymes and Life the great documentary on Quest done by the actor and fan Michael Rapaport.

I’ve been listening to their album Midnight Marauders - so good. I think this is link to a full album listing on YouTube, if that is okay to share here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJZJqlexc40&list=PLcz6fUTBbvlc6I7ji_PPfhyAHOtsjy5Y_

Wonderful music - thanks Phife.

A Monday morning bump

Any other Quest fans out there? I have enjoyed dipping back into their music.

I’m a fan. I came to them relatively late – about 10-15 years ago. I haven’t heard everything from them – the only CD I have of theirs is a best-of compilation. My favorite tracks, from memory, are “Scenario”, “Bonita Applebum”, “World Tour”, and “Left my Wallet in El Segundo”.

My brother had their first two albums. They had great intergenerational appeal – a couple times in the mid 90s I went by a park to hear a family cookout playing their stuff on their boom box.

Midnight Marauders was the first rap album I ever bought. I was already a fan of the hip hop I heard on the radio, but that album opened my eyes to how much deeper it could go. That album made me fall in love in hip hop when, before, we were just friends.

Plus I lived in Trinidad at the time, so hearing Phife proclaim his heritage was a big deal to young me.

Will always be my favorite group of any genre ever.