A trick for medicating dog's ears!

Eureka! I wish I could patent this.
Tucker and Dammit Sally have itchy ears (yeast), so the vet prescribed an ointment (4 drops) and also a sort of liquid wash. I’m supposed to use one or the other every day. Tucker loooooves his ear meds. He moans and groans and all but passes out from sheer pleasure. Dammit Sally, on the other hand, most decidedly does NOT love her ear meds. She would rather have her ears eaten off by a badger than to have drops or ear wash placed in them, if behavior is any indication. And she’s a hefty 65 pound horse of a dog, too, so I can’t exactly pin her. Trust me–I’ve tried. It wasn’t pretty.
However. She does love to have her ears rubbed. So I had a brilliant idea…I found some cosmetic removal pads (basically like a flat cotton ball), soaked them well with solution, faked her out a bit, and voila! The next thing SHE knows, she has a medicine-soaked pad in her ear and is getting the best ear rub ever, until her ears are nice and soaked. Then I let her go, she gives a good happy-ear shake, the pads go flying, and I pat myself on the back.
Ha! That’s a heck of a lot better than trying to wrestle her all over the house.

Thanks for the tip, Papergirl. Perfect timing… my beagle has (another) ear infection and HATES his medicine. I’m going to try this!

My poor dogs. The two of them constantly go through this. The third one, Hot Rod, is a boxer with big wide-open ear canals, and that seems to make a difference. I swear I could fit Ping Pong balls into his ear holes. Lucky for him, we don’t have a Ping Pong table.

Bless you! This is brilliant! I have Basset Hounds that go about 50-60 lbs who always seem to have ear issues. I am going to get some of those pads and give it a go!!!