A twist on the 419 scam

This might have been around for a while, but it’s the first time I’ve gotten this variant. Came from an e-mail that appears to be a student account at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, assuming it’s not spoofed.

I’ve gotten variations on this - *so many *of our military apparently have millions of not-stolen dollars to move out of war zones. :rolleyes: I never checked to see where the emails originated - mostly, I just giggled over the interesting grammar.

It’s been around since a little after we went into Iraq, varying as gold, cash, etc. Google shows there was a Pvt Ferris K Johnson, in WW2. He’s dead now.

“Pingtung” sounds like a euphemism for female naughty parts. Maybe it’s Mandarin for poontang.

I just feel so bad for these poor soldiers who apparently don’t have a single friend or family member they can entrust with the money, and thus are reduced to begging strangers to help.

Maybe I should send him a link to USAA financial services. :wink: