A very disturbing message board...

www. stormfront.org/forum/

It is very scary how many of these people are out there. Read at your own risk.
One thing I found amusing (albeit in a very sick way) is the board guidelines: “No profanity. Avoid racial epithets.”

Disabled URL in order to avoid tracebacks. Please C&P and erase space in link. Or don’t go there at all.

First of all, the setup on the page seems pretty much like this one, or are they all like this? Secondly, is a white nationalist what I’m thinking it is? They weren’t too clear on the website, maybe if you have to ask, you don’t belong?

:: cringing ::

btw, welcome Lehcar

Good lord, how did you stumble upon this pile of steaming crap?

Shudder Those people are * tres * creepy.

Oh, God. I was doing professional research the other day, and I typed the name of an alum into a search engine. Little did I know that there was a 19th-century racist leader by the same name. I got linked to that board. (Question: What the heck kind of search engine links to that?) I opened the page, not seeing enough from the search engine to know what was on the rest of it.

Sick, sick stuff.

I saw the subject line and thought, “Yep, that’s us all right!”

Then the thread didn’t turn out to be a newbie expressing shock over what a weird place we have here. V. disappointing.

Oh no, not the stormfront people again. A bunch of them came over here a while ago. It was fun.

And by fun, I mean feeling like someone smashing your head with a brick.

Man oh man, we didn’t need this thing brought up again.

Two of the most common message board software providers are UBB (that we used to use) and vB (that we currently use). The formats of both of those are very similar in general appearance. (And, of course, if the NA board is using vB, it will be nearly identical except for the colors. I’m pretty sure that that site is also using vB. They permit, while the SDMB does not, “avatars” (little pictures under the username), and they use (while the SDMB does not) a system of suspending a post until a moderator looks it over to see whether it is “appropriate.”)

As noted above, we have been subjected to “invasions” from some of their posters, since we are (in their view) a “liberal” board. Their members are welcome to post here, as long as they are not trolling or otherwise being disruptive–acts which got a few of them banned from the SDMB. Similarly, you are free to register and post there–but will probably lose your posting rights, here, if you make a point of declaring that you are “from” the SDMB, since we really do not want to encourage board wars.

The National Alliance (for which they are the web presence) is another odd group of people who actually believe that there is some sort of (poorly defined) “white” race that is “under assault” from people of color. Their science is non-existent–claiming, for example, that somehow Jews are not “white,” despite the fact that Jews were clearly grouped with whites/Caucasians from Linnaeus to Shockley.

My advice is to be aware that such people are out there, but don’t spend a lot of time encouraging them and spend no time attacking them.

I wish I hadn’t seen that… First I lose hope in humanity, then I try to remember that they are a minority in a more enlightened world.

Jesus, not again. Someone linked to that board a few months ago and it caused no end of trouble.

To those of you who aren’t aware, please do not go over there and reference the SDMB. We do not want a board war with these guys or any other board for that matter.


FTR, I had no idea that board had been linked before or that there were previous problems. That was not my intention.

I think that ignoring or displaying apathy toward these people is not the answer. After all, isn’t the purpose of this site to “fight ignorance”? Hatred of this sort should be exposed and denounced whenever possible.

I am so freakin’ scared by that site…Oh god, someone, please help me know that these people are in the minority!!!

Lehcar, it simply won’t achieve anything in this case. They know they’re a minority. Probably see themselves as the last bastion of their cause or some nonsense like that.

Going over there and arguing with those hateful little turds will accomplish nothing, sad to say. Your sentiments are admirable but your efforts are better spent elsewhere.


It has been, and it doesn’t work. Little minds make no room for change.

I was a semi regular over there, until it got blocked by my works net filtering system.

You know, they do make some valid points… where I run into the wall with them is that fact that they are so fiercly convinced (at least many of them) that the degredation of Western Society is a direct and deliberate result of “Jewish Activities”. It’s sad… there are some very well read and excellent debaters there, but they won’t come here. Their thought is that they’ve done this dance before, they won’t bother coming somewhere just so they can get attacked. I would love to see John Joy Tree crop up in GD.

I have no problem with a sepratist movement, as long as it’s 1-voluntary and 2-peaceful.

Just to clarify, a semi-regular as an “Anti”, what they call anyone who is against their sepratist stance or refused to swallow the ZOG crap they spew.

Joseph Morgan, of course, called me a “Genocidalist”, but he’s a one trick pony of the first order.

Well, most search engines work through the use of “spiders” which are little programs that start on one page and follow all the links they can. So providing a site is linked to externally, (and spiders haven’t been blocked) there is a high chance a search engine will discover it.
Search engines and spiders work automatically, if a selection of words is repeated or contained within the Meta tags of the site, then they generally add it to their database. They don’t have morals ya know, it’s all just letters and numbers to them.
Directories are the ones that are manually submitted to and maintained.

Folks, DON’T click that link! If you must pay them a visit, type the url into your browser. They can easily traceback where you came from if you click the link! If they see a large number of Dopers lurking on their boards, they might decide to come back here and cause us problems again.