A very odd 4000 posts.

My night started off, early in jest.
A warm Georgia air flowing round me
The wind was coming in from west
And I had fortified with 5 cups of tea
I hoped to Jesus I wouldn’t have to pee.
I walked along the road under the trees,
Tending towards dark, I couldn’t right see,
It was starting to pick up, that warm summer breeze.
and I had left with no thank you or please.

A waffle of cheese approached my left,
spaking slanderous words and lies and phrases,
I picked it up, it had a good heft
and threw it on those flames and blazes
that burn brightly in alternate phases,
it shrivelled, gasped, died and cracked,
it’s pattern appearing as many small mazes
I thought to myself, this is whacked,
the weirdness tonight, against me was stacked.

My post count is nearing 4000 strong,
The words they come out, come out and flow
I wonder how I’ve lasted this long,
where’s my fucking celebatory blow?
I think I can take this rail in one go.
Let’s go people, we need to party now
Come on people, get on with the show.
Don’t make me have to show you how.
Now where the hell’s that greased up cow?
oh, and I got a job today.
hip hip hooray.

I dissagree

I Disagree! You just “think” your post count is 4000, you see, my side says you only have 8 posts. So which side is right? Discuss. [/fishing for something to debate]

It’s those five cups of tea. Caffeine overdose makes me post things in the wrong forum, too, every time.

Congrats on the job. Something on the railroad, was it? :smiley:

4000 posts and you still haven’t read the forum discriptions . . .!

Gratz on the posts and the job, though. I’ve been here almost two years, posting like mad, and I have yet to break 1K. I don’t know how you people do it.


they moved it on me. Great mod conspiracy I tells ya. Yep, that’s it. uhhhhh… ok, maybe it was the 5 cups of tea. Anyways, if someone wants to move this, Gaudere David B? anyone?
should I start witnesing to keep it in here. Yay socialism!

there, now it’s GD worthy. or not.

[Moderator Hat ON]

Moving to MPSIMS.

[Moderator Hat OFF]

I don’t care what forum you put it in…anyway you slice it…oldscratch rocks!

congrats on the job, ya little scratchy boil of love.

let me lance you


Oldscratch, you rock. Yes indeedy.


  1. Geez!

Congratulations, Oldscratch! I’ve always enjoyed your food/restaurant reviews, by the way!

Also, weren’t you the one that was averaging some ungodly average (20-30 posts per day) for a couple of weeks?

I talked to Kid Rock and he wants to use your lyrics on his new album!

Congrats on 4000!

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes wanted it… but they need it published first. :slight_smile:

You fartknocker.

I miss you.
What kind of job?

Hey wait a minute. I demand a recount! I posted as scratchie a bunch of times when we were sharing a computer. Those posts shouldn’t count! :wink:

Er…Good for you. :slight_smile: