A very odd thing. Admins look at this...

I was in General questions, and this thread was on the front page…


But as near as I can tell, the last time anyone posted to this thread was last year.

What is this old thing doing on the front page of GQ when it hain’t been posted to for so long?

Hmm… a thread about Satan, rising to the top all by itself right before Halloween…


I deleted a MPSIMS comment (someone having a post party).

Unfortunately, the software doesn’t return the thread to it’s rightful place.

So I guess that makes me the evil one this Halloween.

Oh, yeah. Like this Halloween should be different from the previous ones?


Or any other day, for that matter. :slight_smile:

Thanks manny.

Do I understand it correctly that you dug up a thread from Feb 2000 just to delete an inappropriate message? You moderators must have too much time on your hands.

Presumably, he means that someone else bumped it with a pointless post, and that’s the post he deleted. Deleting a post does not, in itself, bump a thread.

I was there, I saw the whole thing. A poster, whose name escapes me bumped the thread in honor of his 666[sup]th[/sup] post.

Yeah, I was just thinking…

If the moderators took it upon themselves to go back and delete all the pointless posts since the beginning of time we’d be at 10 threads and 200 posts!

A very likely story. You will probably be thrown in the hole until you decide to devulge the name of this evil poster.