dead threads & ressurections


I posted an answer to a thread that had been dead for a while. What is odd, when checking back- my post seems to be the first recent post- that is to say the one that resurrected it. However, I did not do so- when I posted to it, it was on the front page of GQ!

So- how did a thread that no one had posted to in six months get back to the front page of GQ? :confused:

Because its Halloween! :eek: Zombies!
Well almost.

From time to time, someone will resurrect an old thread, but not for legitimate purpose. They don’t want to make a relevant comment or answer a question, or be useful as much as they want to know if you want to learn more about multi-level marketing, for example. Or they wish to make some comment that is so inane it’s obvious that they’re really not interested in the thread or the board as much as they are making asses of themselves.

We remove those posts from the thread, and usually those tr–I mean, those persons of poor choices–from the board as well. Removing the offending post does not return the old thread to where it was lying before it was picked up. The thread remains in the list where it got bumped, to fall again over the course of time. Or not, as the case may be; sometimes they get picked up again, as in your case.

I’m not encouraging bad behavior, but sometimes there is a silver lining in that cloud. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

Ok, but it makes it look like I was the one who raised that puppy from the dead. But thanks for the explanation.

Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. You answered a question, how could we find fault with that?

All these situations, like everything else in this community, is taken in the bigger picture and the totality of the situation. YMMV is a very true statement here. We strive to perceive correctly, but sometimes we do make mistakes. We’re only human. Mostly.

I hate to think that you’re so sure we’re going to yell at you that you’d second guess yourself like that. We’re really not that anal. And if we are, we shouldn’t be. But you tell me.

your humble TubaDiva
And some days, all too human.

Not usually, at least. :slight_smile: