How old is too old for thread resurrection in GQ?

I stumbled across some information today that is pertinent to a thread I remembered in GQ. Last post in that thread was 8th August 2008.

The question was not really substantially answered in that thread, but the information I found does (IMO) answer it to a reasonable degree.

Is it too old to resurrect?

SDMB guidelines say that it is fine to resurrect a thread that is less than three months old. For more details see the Guidelines and Etiquette sticky in this forum.

Thanks. I probably should already have known that.

I’m one of the moderators in GQ, and my guideline is that you can post any new information or questions that actually pertains to the question. I don’t care if it’s years later, just a long as it doesn’t involve quips, moving the thread in a different direction, or needing the involvement of the OP who may or may not still be around.

The other time I might suggest starting a new thread with a link to the old would be if the thread had gotten too off-track to be followed any more.

I’m not speaking for my fellow mods in GQ.

I’d agree with sam that posting new information pertinent to the question is fine.

The only other caveat I would add would be, if the thread had developed into a debate, not to attempt to engage someone who might not be around.