A virtual gift-giving MMP

I hate shoppin’ for stuff but I sucked it up and went just for y’all. I’m all nice like that.


For MOOOOOOM appropriate housewife attire.

For BBBobbio an everyday fireman’s outfit.

For Taters a Hawaiian vacation.

For doggio all the necessary equipment for the perfect martini.

For Ashes[sup]2[/sup] Pixie Sticks cause it ain’t like you could be any more hyper anyways. :smiley:

For Rosie a full length mink coat to go with the tiara.

For Rebo her very own home edition of The Family Feud!

For stickybuns the world’s largest fork.

For soapy her very own lab.

For shortdrum a drum set.

For fiat a vintage well, fiat.

For brick assorted sammich makers.

For boofae assorted pointy sticks.

As a stockin’ stuffer for everybody puppies!

For everybody else… Whatever You Want!

All that shoppin’ has worn me out. I need to have a cool drink and lie down.

AND IT’S BLUE!! Thank you! :D:D

I’ll read all this later.

For now, hi.

I read that too quickly, and was going to ask how the broccoli brownies turned out. :eek::rolleyes::smiley:

It just screamed you! :smiley:

Ok a couple more…
For LiLi, what with the impending twin girls plus Gnat and TomKitten she will need servants to help out at the manor.

For mmmmmm’s her own m & m’s, personalized with her initials even! :smiley:

For CatDude White Sox tickets.

Nono swampy you need a puppy

Haven’t had time to shop today stoopid job!

“The Red Shadow”… I think I’m in love.

Forgive me for not playing, bit I’m posting from an android, and the links don’t usually work. Sorry. I will give this some thought, though, and see if I can find something (in)appropriate for you all.

Found out today that unless I bomb my final I’ll be getting an ‘A’ in math. No surprise there, although it feels good to hear it officially.

Gave a presentation on the Spanish Civil War. Teach said I did a good job; I guess that means I may not fail that portion of the grade. I found that war fascinating, and spent some time after class talking to the instructor about the aftermath. More research is in the works, for sure. Perhaps the subject for next term’s presentation.

I’ve also been put on a list to (possibly, if there is room) be a writing tutor next term. Imagine that.

I’ll have to shop and post later, if I can find my cheatsheet for how to post links.

Went to the Coach’s Show tonight and our table got called down for being rowdy. At almost 51 I was the second youngest there and the strongest drink on the table was sweet tea. I loves my hockey friends.

Cold and rainy. Yuck.

Swampy gets beers of the world and this
Still thinking about everyone else…

I fixed your link - too many "http://"s in it

Much oblighted, rosie!

Prezzies! Pretty much, everything I would give to you guys would come from Uncommon Goods, the This is Why I’m Broke blog, or Think Geek. Definitely, everyone is getting their very own desktop catapult. Catapultam habemus! Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam!

And, may I take a moment to comment on how utterly strange family is (and I include myself in this)?

When phoukabro major (Big Kango? What say you?) visits from LA, he takes my bedroom, and I move in with my mom, who has a king-sized bed. (The parents have separate bedrooms because their sleeping habits are so opposed, they would kill one another now that Dad’s too old for sex. [sub]I did not just say that about my parents.[/sub]). So pb major revels in the privacy of a room all his own, I do my best not to litter and shed belongings through my mom’s room, and she tries really hard not to kill me because I mess with her tidy and orderly universe.

That’s the normal part.

The strange part is that my toothbrush disappeared after the first night. Well, okay. It’s a crowded bathroom at the best of times, and I’d already dug out makeup I hadn’t worn in over a year and was prepping to henna my hair. It would have been very easy for my toothbrush to have been knocked off the counter and the puppy to have found it and made off with it (except, she would have paraded her kill through the house or ostentatiously snuck off to chew on it).

Then, this morning, after phoukabro major returned to LA, it reappeared. In my bedroom. On a plate with crumbs of cinnamon bun icing. I just . . . I don’t want to know. Toothbrush went in the trash, and I bought a new one this afternoon. I will not be asking my big brother for what purposes he kidnapped my toothbrush or why he felt I might want it back afterwards. I mean, seriously, if he’d been without toothbrush, we’d have gotten him one. If he’d needed a small brush to use (on a cinnamon bun?), I’d have dug through my neglected art supplies until I found one. (“Forget it, phouka. It’s family.”)

On my own part, early this morning, while sleeping next to my mom with the puppy between us, occupying 56% of all available bed, I dreamt that I and phoukabro minor had been deep in the kind of pointless, amicable argument we often enjoy, only he got more and more snarky and refused to argue according to the adopted Calvinball rules, so I finally yelled “SHUT UP!” at him.

And heard phoukamom mutter [sub]“sorry”[/sub].

I woke up just enough to realize that phoukamom had been snoring loudly, that my treacherous brain had interpreted the snoring into phoukabro minor’s snark, and that when I yelled “SHUT UP!” at him, my mom thought I was yelling at her about her snoring. Which, in a very strange meta sort of way, I was.

Oh, and my first day of being 40 was pretty damn good.

That is all.

WANT! I am already dreaming of what I can do with that catapult, a sand castle and some cherry bombs…

So…don’t keep us in suspense: what is the proper nutrition for a blood clot? :smiley:
I had a panic attack yesterday. I’m taking today off work to recover. I can’t afford to take today off but I have to. I can’t sleep because I’m worrying about money. I slept a grand total of three hours tonight. It’s getting bad.

On the other hand, Irish Brother has angora rabbits. His fiancee spins their fur into yarn. Is soooooooooooooft.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’ YAWN ‘Tis 36 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 57. Way better than up in ye olde hometowne where they’re gettin’ a mix of rain and snow right now and throughout the day. Better them than me. :smiley:

Wow, I have beer, tp and a tiara. What more could a bear want!

I’ll think up some more gifts later on today. For now, I must have more caffiene and must feed the beast that is my rumbly tummy. Then, alas, irk purtification must commence.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!


Carry on.

I’m so tairid.

: checks in:
I’ll have to do my shopping for y’all tonight.

Hockey tonight, with a new coach

Ah, time for a little more shopping before class (Sorry I pooped out early last night - I was tahred!!!) Some may be more random than others - I decided to try the grab bag approach. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

For Brick

For Kanga - after all, who wouldn’t want one of these??

For CatDude - he and Cuervo can have hours of fun with this.

For all the girls :wink:

An extrastocking stuffer for swampy

For BooFae
For Soapy, just because
For all of our resident winos :wink:
And for Woody

I think I have a new favorite on line shopping site. :smiley:

More later, when my virtual credit card stops smoking…

How could I have missed this?? Surely our resident EMT must have this!!! :smiley: