A virtual gift-giving MMP

It’s the thought that counts, right? Or so we’ve been told… So here’s how it goes:

Think about what you’d like to give another Mumper or two or three. Money is no object because if talk is cheap, thoughts can be expensive as we want. Or something. :smiley: Anyway, post a link to show what you want to give to someone or everyone here. Spoiler it if you want it to be a surprise! :wink:

Going for the obvious, I want to give this to gt so she can garden year round.

And this is for rosie because for some reason, it’s what I visualize her wearing.

Which means I also have to give this to swampy because he can’t be outdone by rosie. :smiley:

And this just screams doggio.

I’m not done, but I need to get this posted.
Happy Monday!

Whatcha gonna get me??

Ooh, what a great idea!

Must think about gift list and report back…

Happy Mumper Day everyone!

ETA: I knew what Rosie’s was going to be before I clicked the link!

I’d get **swampy **a lifetime supply of toilet paper based on this graph.

**Bobbio **would get his very own bambilance.

Moooom (and anyone else who likes chocolate offerings) would get a credit card with no limit and an hour in here.

**Soapy **would have to have this.

Culinary Boy and I watched Black Swan last night. We both decreed it overrated. I had to listen to old-timey country/bluegrass to get Swan Lake out of my head. Now Culinary Boy is trying to get me to watch Pi (same director as BS–ha ha! Ironic abbreviation!) but I don’t want to watch another crazy person movie for a while. Maybe I can get him to watch the Rifftrax *Reefer Madness *with me instead.

Morning! Will post later sitting at airport headed to Houston! Nice topic fcm

Great topic - like Soapy, I’ll give this some thought, and “shop” later (wearing my crown, of course) :slight_smile:

Thisdefinitely has BBBobbio’s name on it! Or it will before he gets it. :wink: He’ll wear it all the time - at work, when he goes out for dinner, at the grocery store. Ever ready! :smiley:

And since Taters is so stressed these days, she gets this, because she deserves a break!

I thought this had such a cool name, everyone would get one as a stocking stuffer. :smiley:

More to come - finding gifts that fit can be tough…

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 64 degrees Amurrkin out which is also the high for the day. 'Tis rainy out also.

Hee! Great OP MOOOOOOM. I shall give it some thought and post appropriate/inappropriate gifts later own. I shall, of course, wear the crown jewels while doin’ so. :smiley:

Now I need more caffiene and brekkie for rumbly tummy. Then, alas, I must get in gear post haste and purtify for irk.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Thanks to the idiotic firewall rules, I can’t see many of the links, so I’ll have to play OP tonight.

I ran a total of 6 calls this weekend, with only one being mildly interesting. Instead, I will go through some observations on the personalities in the Navytown Rescue Squad. In random order:

Chuck, a Navy Medic in real life, and very much the male model pretty boy. Nice enough guy, but the “I’m gorgeous and know it” gets a bit old.

The Jennifers, a pair of women who ran together for the first time this weekend. One is a college student from the DC burbs with a penchant for say “Nice…” in response to anything said to her, and the other is a young engineer and fellow probie.

The Other Bob, who was described to me as “The nicest fascist in the squad”. A quick recon established that he has similar political and religious views as mine, and a similar sense of humor. We’re gonna get along fine.

Matt, who called The Other Bob the nice fascist, and is almost the polar opposite of me in political views. Gave me a thumbs up on my skills and knowledge.

Daisy The Driver, a retired pro firefighter from the DC burbs. Her ability to be a smart-ass leaves me in the dust.

The Chief, who I’m tempted to dub Severus, for his facial resemblance to a thin faced Alan Rickman.

Over all, the number of gays in the squad surprises me a bit, considering the number of active and retired military members. Well, if we could have 2 in the Cottonfield County squad, which would be even more gay hostile, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised here.

My one mildly remarkable call was the last one yesterday, for trouble breathing. The patient was a lady a couple years older than me, and she had just about everything wrong with her that you could have related to bad lifestyle. No wonder she was having a panic attack, she was evaluating her mortality and having an “Oh, shit!” moment.

We got her in the unit, and I put her on oxygen, a standard trick for anxiety patients. It’s partially physical, and partly psychological. Oxygen slows down the heavy breathing, while the patient thinks you’re really doing something for them so they calm down.

When we rolled, she said, “You know, you guys need a volunteer who will sit with the patient and just hold their hand.”

I piped right up. “I’ll do that, because it’s something I’m very good at. If you think you need to, break my fingers if it will help.”

She smiled a bit, laid back, and continued dumping her fears and frustrations on us.

I waited a bit, then said, “You know, a pretty woman like you (she really wasn’t) holding my hand… people might talk.”

She looked shocked and tried to let go. “If it’s going to cause a problem, I won’t.”

Well, that calculation failed. “Hon, I was joking and being flirty. As long as you feel the need, you can hold my hand. It’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

With that, she relaxed and I got the smile I was looking for. I had to let go while we wheeled her in to the ER, but resumed once inside and she was on the hospital bed. She was grateful.

VunderBob, if I ever have to be rescued, I hope it’s by someone like you.
I don’t know everyone well enough to buy for them, so it’s money all around. I suck at math though, so I’ll have to get back to you on the amount available.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

*pffffft *- you don’t have to know someone to give them a gift. Especially a virtual gift. Heck - you could give us all new cars! :smiley:

In fact, I like that idea. Everyone,pick one in your favorite color! :smiley:

Do they come in purple?? :smiley:

Well, I failed my mission to finish all of my homework last night. I was just soooo sleepy that I had to go to bed. So, I’m going to have to be another that comes back with gifts a little bit later. It is a great idea, FCM!

I do have one gift, though, for congo. It’s a $250 gift certificate to thisstore.

Because I’m really a kid still…

This is for Sticky Buns

For Bobbio of course


More to come!

I would give these to Sticky Buns. And an Amazon gift card for more!

A new riding lawn mower for Moommm. And a yardman!

Pool accessory for Swampy.

A posterfor Bobbio’s garage.

For Rosie - a $1000 gift card to this store.

Gotta go to a meeting - more gifts later!

What a fun OP!

Yummy yummy yardman… <pant pant> Altho to be fair and not sexist, any guy who does my yard work, regardless of his appearance, would be A-OK with me! :smiley: Even swampy!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been in Happy Homemaker Mode - I cleaned the microwave (ick) and loaded the dishwasher, scrubbed both bathrooms (double mega ick) and vacuumed the main areas and the master bedroom. I’ve got a couple of tuna steaks thawing for supper, and I just popped a bowl of soup into the now-clean microwave to warm for lunch. It’s really mild here, so the house is open. Not bad for a Monday!

I think after lunch I’ll assume the netflix knit position for a while. :smiley:

Howdy Y’all! Sneakin’ in a quick post while I munch a sammich. Been a bzzy bear this mornin’ at irk. Cool, gray and wet out. ICK! This means, of course, that I will have to go make some home visits.

Still makin’ my list of gifts to give.

Back to irk. Le Sigh.

I guess everyone’s busy shopping, eh?


My sweetie’s home. I’m about to feed the critters, then start our supper. Good times!

Well,since I’m a sporadic visitor here, I should give something really impressive, you know, to buy friends… :smiley:

I thought about this, but not everyone is into these. Designing your own, though…

Ok, if you don’t want that, how about one of these? Oh, maybe no room for that. And there is maintenance… Hum.

OK! Here is something anyone can use! Take one every day for a peaceful, happy life.

ooooo, picu, your last one is a winner! :smiley:

Supper was early and tasty - broiled tuna steaks, instant smashed N.O.T., and broccoli. Brownies later. Yum!

Okay - I think I’ve got everything covered:

$1000 Gift Cards:
for Bobbio
For swampy
for dogbutler
for stickybuns
for moooooom
for the knitters & crocheters
for the chocoholics
for the readers

Anyone I didn’t specifically mention may choose any of the above - I’m certain you’ll find something to your liking. :slight_smile:

phew I’m exhausted from all that shopping.

This is, without a doubt, the bestest present I’ll get this year. It’s right up there with dental insurance, new glasses, and a trip to Disney as my best presents ever!

It’s official…my blood clot nutrition paper is DONE!!!