The gifts of the season.

What did you get for Christmas?

Mostly booze.

My relatives always tell me “you are so hard to buy for!” I tell them if they believe that, they must never have been inside a liquor store. It is finally starting to sink in.

For some reason, wind chimes.

Three pounds of coffees, two mystery books, one big chocolate-covered marzipan bar, one pair of gloves, and one folding non-disposable travel straw. And a nice bonus from work.

I got new towels. And woolly shawls. And chocolate.

My old towels are still perfectly good thankyew. The shawls you gave me LAST Christmas went to the Goodwill store.

I ate the chocolate, thanks. :smiley:

That is oddly appropriate, I think.

The Complete Far Side - three volume boxed set.

Includes little snippets from Larson himself, including the angst he went through over the cover of “Valley of the Far Side”.

  1. New VHF radio for my boat.
  2. One of those comfortable, pull-to-inflate life vests. Also for the boat.
  3. A new pocket knife. I lost my old one by dropping it over the side of… well you can guess I’m sure.

I got a pair of haircutting scissors, a book I was unable to source from the library, some underwear, and an Emperor’s New Groove T-shirt. I am pleased.

We just do a goofy gift exchange/steal/swap game. I ended up with a bin of 72 nail clippers when my cousin stole the chocolates I’d stolen from my niece.

Anybody need some nail clippers?

For my December 25th Birthday, my sister sent me some clothes (including a Charlie Brown Christmas Tshirt) and three Celtic Holiday CDS. The store gae me a gift bag with socks, hat and soap, and a holiday bonus check.

My wife knows me too well; she gave me these:

I almost pulled something getting them into the Xmas light display toot sweet.

Ah, the soft glow of electric sex. :smiley:

Mrs. L.A. gave me a burgundy pullover sweater. I’m wearing it now.


Everything I got was edible. Harry & David pears, lots of chocolates, wine, cheeses, some weird cake from my cousin in Boston, and a huge thing of jelly bellies. Not sure what that says about me…

I’m crazy, you know. I love, love paper. It’s my little artist heart. I got a ream of Japanese rice paper. And a cool ( I mean super cool) roll of real birch bark paper.
I also snagged some neat remnants of wrapping paper at different places. “No, wait, don’t crumple that, don’t throw that away.” I cannot be helped. It’s my cross to bear.
( don’t call me a hoarder, it’s not nice)
ETA Fairly Chat Mom, I would love a box of nail clippers, that’s a cool gift.

My two front teeth.

It’s electric–Boogie, woogie, woogie!

But 72 of them?? Seems a tad much. :smiley: