A Vorld Vizout Gabors, Dahling? (Zsa Zsa suffers stroke)

Pretty small per-taters in view of the London bombings, but very sad nonetheless:

I am a big Gabor fan: unlike their relatives by marriage Hilton sisters, the Gabor girls were genuinely witty, glamorous (in a glittery way, but not whorey) and intentionally funny.

All ze bast to poor Zsa Zsa.

Uh, maybe Zsa Zsa crossed that line once or twice, but she MARRIED the guys.

Best of luck, kiddo. I’m sure Johnny has saved you a place on the sofa. :frowning:

Poor Zsa Zsa has been in such poor health and so unhappy for the past few years that as much as I’d miss her, it would be a mercy to her and her family if she went . . .

I have a feeling that the whole world wll go back to black-and-white after all the Gabors are gone . . .

Always a master and an apprentice there are… you must take up the mantle.

First Nan Kempner, and now this?!

If all the Gabors (Eva, Magda, Zsa Zsa and Mama Jolie) all end up in the same place - someone (Satan, God, whoever!) is going to have their hands full!

I highly recommend Anthony Turtu’s “Gaborabilia” for all things fluffy, blonde and Hungarian.


I remember reading a long time ago that the Nobel Prize Winning, Hungarian physicist, Dennis Gabor (1900 - 1979) is related to the Gabor sisters.
Can’t find a cite though.

Well, finally the L.A. Cops can retire their anti-slap shields.

OK, I love Zsa Zsa, and even I think this is funny . . .

The Gabors are related to the Hilton Sisters? ?

Zsa Zsa Gabor was once married to Paris and Nicky Hilton’s great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton.

Yes, Zsa Zsa was married to Johnny Eck, and Eva to Koo Koo the Bird Girl.

Johnny Eck later married Magda as well, IIRC.

I was in D.C. recently and went to the Toulouse-Lautrec (Montmartre in general actually, but T-L in particular) exhibit at the National Gallery. Looking at the endless pictures of whores I kept hearing Zsa-Zsa’s voice from the movie Moulin Rouge (not the McGregor/Kidman flick): “I doan care if you are a cree-pull” or “I have been tveenty five for five yee-ars and will be for four more. Theen I vill be tventy seven.” She was actually great in that movie (though like her countryman Lugosi she was limited in the roles available to her by her accent).

When/if she dies, watch for a very nasty legal battle between her husband and her daughter. It’s already started in fact: reports are that she sued her daughter last month, which while technically true means that her husband as her conservator sued her daughter (Zsa Zsa’s been too out of it to litigage).

My favorite image of Zsa Zsa Gabor is as the Queen of Venus in Queen of Outer Space .

Imagine landing on another planet, crawling out of your space capsule, and being taken prisoner by a blond, buxom Hungarian in high heels and pearls.

“Houston, we are A-OK.”

“Queen of Outer Space” contains one of the greatest moments in sci-fi history: Zsa Zsa (the only girl on Venus with a Hungarian accent) looking right at the camera, hands on hip, and intoning:

“Ay hayde her. Ay hay dot Qvinn!”

A great moment in “Queen of Outer Space” was when Zsa Zsa impersonates the real queen just by donning a mask and no one notices that the queen is now speaking with a Hungarian accent !!!