Morbid question: Is anybody else waiting for the other shoe to drop? [Zsa Zsa Gabor]

Zsa Zsa?

Ever since she was returned “unresponsive” to the hospital whenever it was, I keep expecting a “breaking news” flash on her finally getting to the other side.

Can she make it past 9/11?

Actually, Yes. Go over to the “Game Room” and the Celebrity Death Pool 2010 thread for blow-by-blow accounts of illness/recovery/relapse news.

Yes. But I didn’t want to contaminate the seriousness of that thread with the idle observation that she’s approaching the same sort of fate that Gary Condit enjoyed: getting lost in the 9/11 news.

I wasn’t aware that she was still alive, until this thread.

Don’t go holding your breath.

Okay. I broke down and tried to find the most recent ordeal’s starting point in that thread and it would appear to be this one

What is that? Fifty-two days?

Hmm- seems like she got in the Ariel Sharon, Fidel Castro, Ronnie Biggs and Lockerbie-bomber-guy line.

I’m getting a Terri Schiavo vibe.

I keep seeing duelling stories - one from her husband “She’s at death’s door!!!”, one from her daughter “She’s ok”. One from her husband “She’s unresponsive!!!”, one from her daughter “She’s resting comfortably and talking”. One from her husband “She’s having last rites!!!”, one from her daughter “She’s being discharged from hospital”. This article from September 2 says she’s “not in a life-threatening situation”.

Judging from the picture at that link, she’s in better shape than Larry King.


I’m still pretty sure I’m going to see her name among the TRENDING NOW items at every time I go there. It’s my “home page” even.

I did see that the Dead Pool thread has been popping recently with speculation.

What is it about Zsa Zsa so much? Her weird husband? I get the sense that there’s money involved there.

Oh, well, I just had to bump this thread to see if others were as obsessed as I.

I was looking back at year-ago threads I was involved in and spotted this one. I still find myself checking that “Trending Now” list on Yahoo!'s homepage for word on Zsa Zsa. Do you?

Which person no longer breathing up our air was the latest to cause this much concern and curiosity?

*Poor *Zsa Zsa. I love Gabors–I think they are a higher life form, one that has sadly and hideously devolved into Kardashians. After the last of the Gabors is gone, the world will go all black and white and lose its sparkle.

And the poor woman has had a hellish decade: her mother and her sisters dying, one damn medical horror after another, that horrible “Preence” bleeding her for all the publicity he can get. (“I *hay *dot Preence.”)

Occupy Bel Air! Save Zsa Zsa!

She survived Porfirio Rubirosa; why can’t she cheat death?

Great story: I was chatting with Kim Kendall, Kay’s sister (oh, I get around), and she told me, “I was having lunch once with Porfirio Rubirosa and Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor.” [At this point I fainted dead away and had to be revived] “I don’t know *what *they saw in that man, he looked like a monkey.” Then Kim pauses and adds thoughtfully, “Perhaps he had charms that were not evident above the luncheon table.”

I heard about the peppermills.

This is a glorified bump! I was looking back at old threads and this one caught my eye because of how old it is. Your basic zombie.

I looked up to see what (if anything major) had changed.

I don’t play the Death Pool. How many have her?

I really hope the family did not sell that picture to a media outlet for publication.

I love stuff like this.

As if she were, you know, asleep.