People you were surprised to find out are alive

Eli Wallach. Great actor (most remember him as “Tuco” from “The Good Bad and the Ugly”).

Ernest Borgnine, Mickey Rooney, Kirk Douglas.

Unless they’re dead. Then, oops.

Axl Rose. Come to find out he’s not only still alive, but still alive and kickin’ ass!

June Foray. Not only still alive, but still working (as of last year).

Alan Young (Mr. Ed, The Time Machine), 92, and still going strong.

Sid Caesar. I watched It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World a couple of weeks ago and then looked up the cast on wikipedia to see who was still alive. I knew Mickey Rooney was alive and I was pretty sure Jonathan Winters was. But Caesar and Stan Freberg surprised me. (To a lesser extent, Nicholas Georgiade also surprised me. But honestly, he’s one of those actors who you know by face but not by name and I never really gave any thought to whether he was alive or dead. But good for you, Nick, now that I know I’m glad to see you’re still with us.)

And Scrooge McDuck.

Looking over the cast and crew of Your Show of Shows, there’s a surprising number of still living names for a show that started sixty-two years ago: Sid Caesar, Nanette Fabray, Bill Hayes, Marguerite Piazza, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, and Carl Reiner are all still around.

Percy Sledge. Every time I think he is dead he somehow pops up.

Unless its one of those PBS or infomercial things then whoops. But I do check wikipedia for him more often tha
One person should because hey! Percy Sledge is alive!

Zsa Zsa Gabor is still alive, at 95.

How is that surprising? Existing is what she’s famous for.

I am convinced that, about fifteen years ago, I read in a newspaper that Diana Rigg had died.

Not only did I find out a few years later that Diana Rigg was not dead, but she remains not dead even today!

Comedienne and actress Phyllis Diller, currently 94 years old, and has a 2009 acting credit.

I thought Harry Morgan from MASH was alive, only to find out he died last December. RIP, Harry.

Ariel Sharon is apparently still with the living.

Ken Nordine. Just recently, I assumed he would have already left this mortal coil and was happily surprised to find he’s still jazzed at 92!

Adam Sandler*, I thought I stabbed that bitch last month.

*Celebrity in question picked at random

Abe Vigoda despite reports of his death starting in 82 is still alive.

I guess all three of these guys get my vote. I thought they were all dead.

Charles “Breadwinner” Boston and Toby McVinkle. I could swear they died in that avalanche.