A Washing Machine with a Brick Inside on a Trampoline

Fun activities for people with videocams and too many washing machines and trampolines on hand:


Thanks, I needed that! After a week of hearing my icons dropping left and rght, a bit of silliness really hit the spot.

Just another advantage of a front-loader over a top-loader.

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there! That totally fucking rocked!

I see the link is Huffington whatever, so I won’t bother freezing up my computer by clicking.

Sounds like fun, though.

direct YouTube link

Lovely. I found it quite impossible to continue regarding the thing as merely an inanimate machine. It was having so much fun that it couldn’t stop even when it fell off.

<Bart> No refunds! Force majeure! Read the back of your ticket! <Bart>

There’s a link showing the same fellow running the washer with a load of bricks in it. The bricks may or may not have voided the warranty, but whatever he did to let it run with the door open certainly accomplished that!

(I can neither confirm nor deny that trampolines or bricks were involved in OUR recent washing machine woes. On the other hand, the video I took of it once it got working again, involving lots of reflections, sure looks like I’ve filmed proof of our house being haunted).

I liked this self-destruct sequence better.

I am impressed at how long that machine kept spinning. Next time I need a washer I want that brand.

WE CAN’T SHUT IT OFF! The downtown area is directly in its way! Carnage is rampant! Bodies are piling up in the street! That machine will choke our rivers with our dead!

But, DAMN, are their clothes clean!

(Any one besides me think it wasn’t so smart to get that close near the end without unplugging it, first?)

Crying with laughter here, that’s the silliest and most hilarious clip I’ve seen this year.

Then you haven’t seen the waffle fart.

I’m partial to the rapping eggs, myself.

W…w-what t-the wha???

The Internet, lady. The Internet.

Same here–I was laughing out loud at it!

Although we should remember that the year is only 22 days old. There’s plenty more time for more silliness online.

I think that it’s the funniest clip I’ve seen for ages, so maybe all of last year too. :slight_smile: