A website to view commercials?

Not sure if this is more a GQ or Cafe thread, but where in the Hell can I find a website where I can view commercials? Ad critic apparantly decides to charge $100/year to view them? :eek: :mad:

I tried some other place, but it had pretty much no content. Geez, you’d think advertisers would be clamouring to let me view their ads for free, but apparantly not.

Try www.ifilm.com. Although they are not as comprehensive as AdCritic, they do feature popular television commercials (not only from the US). In addition to that, they have all sorts of other video clips in usually very good quality. And best of all, it is free.

Another site is http://www.visit4info.com/

Lost half my post… :confused:

Anyway, Visit4Info is mostly UK ads though they do have a few from elsewhere.