A Web-Based Archive of TV Commercials?

Is there, someplace on the web, an archive of TV commercials?

I want to see that T-mobile one with the parents of all the teenage kids lecturing them about their cellphone bills. Have you seen it? The first set of parents looks over their bills and, realizing that their teenage daughter has run up their cellphone bill, yell her first, middle and last name (I forget the names). Then it cuts to several other sets of parents doing the same thing. Some of them are pretty funny - there’s an Irish mom yelling “Seamus Patrick O’Callahan Flaherty” (or something like that), an Indian couple yelling something, and so on. It ends with a hippie mom yelling “Sunspray Honeysuckle Smith!” Hilarious.

Oddly enough, there were plenty of sites in the 90’s (when broadband was at a premium) but most of them have closed. The only two I’m aware of that still exist are:

Ad Critic has many commercials, but there is a subscription fee involved. They probably have what you want but it won’t be worth the price.

Japander isn’t what you’re looking for (wacky Japanese commercials by western celebrities) but there’s plenty of good stuff there anyway. Especially Wacko Jacko’s.


Has Superbowl Commercials and others…


Adage links to this also… but I think this is more of what you are after.

This site has a few options.

Possibly because in the 90s these sites were pirate but so little used they didn’t bother to go after them?

It probably doesn’t have the ad you want, but the Commercial Closet has a whole bunch of TV and print commercials related to representations of sexuality and, especially, homosexuality.

Another site you might want to check out is Adland, also subscription based (2 Euros for 30 days, I think).